“If the place attracts more people, it can only benefit us”

Antoine Spagna, Director of Seven Casino in Amnéville. Fotouge

The investments announced by the Ministry of the Moselle, in particular for the Galaxie d’Amnéville, were to benefit the other establishments in the Cité des Loisirs. This is the case with Seven Casino, which views this initiative quite positively.

It is one of the emblematic establishments of the Cité des Loisirs. At the height of its 34 years, Seven Casino in Amnéville has not aged a bit and continues to seduce. After a rather difficult period of health crisis – the establishment had lost almost 40% of its attendance – customers quickly found their way back to the slot machines. “On the day of the reopening, 90 people were waiting outside the door from 10 o’clock,” recalls Antoine Spagna, director of the place.

Although the casino “gradually” regains its pre-crisis visitor level, the ministry’s acquisition of Galaxie, the latter’s position as a major shareholder in SPL Destination Amnéville, and the many investments announced throughout the Cité des Loisirs are encouraging news for all companies on the site, including the casino. , with a view to certain economic benefits. “It is clear that if the place attracts more people, it can only benefit us. »

Complementary customers

In the worst case, the closure of Pôle Thermal, which had lost almost 60% of its presence during the Covid crisis, would have led to the casino’s existence, as the latter’s existence by law was conditional on existence from the outset. But “the situation was not so catastrophic,” assures Antoine Spagna. “Some installations actually required more work. This change of shareholder will boost the takeover effect, and that is good news. Especially because we are all complementary. Because there is no secret, the clientele of some others increases. The change in the management of the Galaxy thus represents a great opportunity. “We see it very well on concert nights, the fallout is felt. Since we are open late, some come to extend their evening here. There are also those who stop by to distract themselves on a couple of machines while waiting for the traffic to become more fluid because, as you know, getting out of the Galaxy parking lot is not an easy task. »

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At the same time, the new dimension that the institute also wants to add to the performance hall, with the holding of major sporting events in particular, offers other perspectives. “We know the enthusiasm people have for sports in general. This could actually allow us to reach new customers.”

An establishment in constant development

“At least we did not wait for this takeover to move on our side. We are in eternal renewal. We are a company that has its own distinctive features, and customers for many of the regular customers quickly get tired. Thus, Seven Casino has recently invested in new slot machines and completely reviewed the organization of its gaming space.

“The casino has always been, like the Pôle Thermal and the zoo, a driving force for the Cité des Loisirs. As such, we discuss regularly to define a collective strategy and increase the presence on our respective farms, while of course taking into account each individuality. Today, there is a real common will among the various actors to work hand in hand, so that the site regains its attractiveness and that it gets the space it deserves. A new push, which should therefore also benefit the zoo and Snowhall, which was close to a final closure before they were recently taken over by the Dutch group SnowWorld.

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