Doctor Strange 2: Marvel’s Real Resurrection After Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is not worthy of a triumph Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the film remains a huge success too Marvel and disneyin addition to marking the true resurrection of the MCU.

After Phase 3 and the end of the Infinity saga (Thanos, Avengers, Stones and all the others), MCU entered its Phase 4 with Black widow and an ugly post-endgame hangover that continued Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings and The Eternal. Beyond what we think of movies (because that’s our Marvel ranking), these are above all the sluggish boxes that took hard on the expanded universe.

Spider-Man: No Way Home managed to turn the tide by smashing a billion at the global box office again after months of pandemic dampened the industry, but its insane success was largely based on the promise of a mega-anthology fusion Spider-Man franchise, something Marvel will not do every fourth morning. Vise versa Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness formed into a “simple” excursion to the multiverse and a more mundane solo adventureif not for Sam Raimi’s return to instruction and at Marvel – but we know well that it only served as a commercial argument with a small section of the public.

Now that the film has landed at Disney + in the US and Thor: Love and Thunder took over on July 8 in US cinemas in the US (and from July 13 in France), it’s time to review the accounts to confirm Marvel’s success and resurrection.


If he does not join MCU’s billionaire VIP club, Doctor Strange 2 still ended its theatrical run with just over $ 953 million at the worldwide box office to a budget of 200 million. excl. marketing, that is, the average of the universe’s last films and the high selection of American blockbusters. It took him only two weeks to exceed the $ 677 million in world revenue from the first Doctor Strange and only one month to cross 900 million.

So that’s a new blessing for Marvel and Disney. Excluding inflation, Doctor Strange 2 better than most movies in the universe and especially certain other or other part of franchising: the first two Iron Man ($ 585 and $ 623 million), the first two Captain America (370 and 714 million), the first three Thor (449, 644 and 853 million), both Guardians of the Galaxy (770 and 869 million), both Ant man (519 and 622 million) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (880 million). The pandemic context, Disney + hybrid releases and illegal downloads need to be considered, but Doctor Strange 2 is also a good distance over Black widow (379 million), Shang Chi (432 million) and The Eternal (402 million).

Tony Stark has always been the richest


Although Disney is overrepresented in the rankings of the greatest commercial successes of all time (excluding inflation), the Marvel movies, which exceed one billion, almost always have an exceptional or eventful character that justifies it. Vise versa Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness remains a relatively classic adventure compared to the superhero-brave encounters in Civil war or the movies avengers (especially the last two chapters of Infinite Saga). On his side, Iron Man 3 was the MCU’s last solo film. Black Panther and Captain Marvel marked a turning point in terms of representativeness. Finally, Spider Man: No way home was thought of as the ultimate fan service while Spider-Man: Far from home is the only one who can really serve as a fashion example.

In addition to MCU, Doctor Strange 2 is also currently the second largest worldwide ticket office in 2022 behind the billion Top Gun: Maverick and ahead of the 833 million Jurassic World: The World After (released in theaters less than a month ago). It does not take much to rise to the symbolic level ofAquaman (1.1 billion) or Joker (1 billion too), but Doctor Strange 2 also ahead of other blockbusters of the genre : wonder Woman (822 million), Married (856 million), Batman (770 million).

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Photo Elizabeth OlsenStronger than all genetically modified T-Rex and velociraptors, but smaller than Tom Cruise

More generally, it also beats more giants from 2021 as Death can wait (774 million), Dunes (401 million) or Fast & Furious 9 (726 million) – although pandemic factor again can not be completely ruled out.

If the film is doing so well at the global box office, it’s also because it matters nearly $ 542 million at the foreign box office, compared to $ 445 for the first installment. With more than a billion collected internationally, Spider-Man: No Way Home may have proved that a stalemate in the Chinese market does not have to be commercial suicide, but China still brought in $ 109 million in the first Dr. Strange, 154 million more Captain Marvel105 million to Black Panther or 199 million. to far from home and even more astronomical sums to the last avengers : 359 million for Infinity War and 629 million. for Playoffs.

It is therefore not absurd to think that the film with China could easily have crossed the billion mark and climbed up several steps on the podium, even if it did not have to go so far to establish itself as the pillar in phase 4, if not the cornerstone of this new era christened the saga of the multiverse.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photo“It did not go far”


With $ 90 million just for its first day in operation on North American soil, Doctor Strange 2 earned over $ 185 million in its opening weekend. It is simply the best start to the year so far ahead of the Giants Top Gun 2 (126 million), Batman (134 million) and Jurassic World 3 (145 million). It is also the second best start to Phase 4 ahead Black widow (80 million), Shang Chi (75 million), The Eternal (71 million) and more generally one of the best starts at MCU before Captain Marvel (153 million), Thor: Ragnarok (122 million), Spider-Man: Homecoming (117 million) or Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (146 million).

More broadly, Doctor Strange 2 is atux doors in the Top 10 of the best startups ever excl. inflation, which also includes six other MCU films: Playoffs ($ 357 million in 2019), Spider-Man: No Way Home (260 million in 2021), Infinity War (257 million in 2018), avengers ($ 207 million in 2012), Black Panther (202 million in 2018) and Age of Ultron (191 million in 2015).

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photo, Elizabeth OlsenDrive the competition out

The domestic ticket office stands at $ 410 million.which is almost half of None On the way home (804 million) and far less than Black Panther (700 million) or the four films avengers between $ 459 and $ 858 million. But there again, Doctor Strange comes close to or surpasses most other movies in the universe: Captain Marvel (426 million), Thor: Ragnarok (315 million), far from home (390 million), Ant-Man and the Wasp (216 million), Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (389 million), Black widow (183 million) Shang Chi (224 million) and The Eternal (164 million).

Sam Raimi’s films do better than 369 million at home Batmanbut worse than the 575 million Top Gun 2, which can be explained by the rather dizzying decrease in attendance in the second week (-67%). However, this collapse is not the most catastrophic in history (we have Morbius before that). Fifteen days after their launch, Spider-Man: No Way Home had, for example, fallen by 67.5% and Black widow at 67.8%, although one started from much higher and therefore felt the fall less, and the other not so much is the best example to follow (with its simultaneous exit). The deceleration of Doctor Strange 2 is also slightly higher than those registered for Top Gun 2 (-44.5%), Jurassic World 3 (-59.6%) or even sonic 2 (-59.4%) at the same time of their operation.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Photo Benedict WongYou have to lose weight somewhere at some point

what future for the doctor strange?

Since the end of the Infinite Saga, The trajectory of the MCU is more uncertain between the lukewarm introduction of The Eternals and Shang-Chi, the hazy future of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Thor’s growing uselessness, the last part of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and the Wasp, who still have a hard time exciting it broad public, the promise of a reduced Captain America and all the new heroes to fit in somewhere (Miss Marvel, Moon Knight, Kate Bishop).

In addition to raising stakes on the Multiverse, Doctor Strange is currently best suited to take the lead of the Avengers instead of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers after gaining prominence and popularity in Infinity War. Currently, there is no indication that Marvel can ignore a third part, as tradition dictates (except Hulk due to rights issues). And if the disappointing results ofAnt Man 2 did not prevent the start ofAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, there is no doubt that Stephen Strange will find himself on the poster again, more or less solo. However, it remains to be seen when.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photo, Benedict CumberbatchA wizard who takes his time

The two films in the franchise were released almost six years apart, the longest between two opuses. The schedule for Phase 5 is already busy with the film on 4 Fantasticrestart of Blade, the next Captain America 4, Shang Chi 2, Deadpool 3the movie about Thunderbolts or the introduction of X men in good condition in MCU. Doctor Strange 3 could thus take just as long or almost as long to return to the cinema. We’ll probably see each other around 2030.

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