Delphine Jubillar: The blood tests found in Cédric’s car have spoken, explanations

Delphine Jubillar has not been found for more than a year. In February 2022, investigators found traces of blood in a friend of her husband’s car. A vehicle that the latter allegedly used to hide the body. Discover all the details.

Cedric’s confession?

The Jubillar case has seen many twists and turns in recent months. As a reminder, the young woman disappeared in late 2020 just a few days before Christmas. She would have left her home in the middle of the night and only had her phone with her. If he has always claimed his innocence, the main suspect in this case is still her husband, Cédric Jubillar.

He has also been jailed for almost a year for “voluntary killing of a spouse”. In prison, Cédric Jubillar shared a cell with a certain Marco. The latter told investigators they had collected trusts from the father of the family as they sat behind bars. According to him, Cédric confessed that he was responsible for his wife’s disappearance.

On May 12, 2022, the two then confronted each other before the investigating judges. During the hearing, Marco said his ex-prisoner in jail told him about what happened that famous night when Delphine Jubillar disappeared. According to what he said, Cedric was angry that night after catching his wife exchanging text messages with his lover.

When he was no longer able to control himself, he allegedly ended his life and then disposed of the body by burying it in a forest. Cédric Jubillar has denied the alleged facts for which he is accused. According to him, he would have told anything to his former neighbor in the cell because the latter kept asking him questions.

‘I’ve never had that kind of discussion with him. When he insisted on knowing where I had laid the body, I said with a laugh that I laid it near the farmhouse that was burning down, that was all. That is the only thing that is true, the rest are lies, ”explained the main suspect.

Traces of blood in the car

According to Marco, Cédric used a friend’s vehicle to transport his wife’s body.

“He told me he was not using his own car to transport her. He told me he would not be stupid enough to use his own car,” he said.

After this testimony, investigators began looking for the famous vehicle. They then found on a white Peugeot 306 traces of blood, which was the subject of much discussion. While searching the car, they also discovered hair.

If, after these discoveries, investigators thought the case would finally be solved, that is not the case. After further analysis, they actually discovered that it was not actually blood but sweat mixed with other biological fluids.

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers do not understand why justice insists on keeping the father of the family in prison. Jean-Baptiste Alary, one of them, particularly condemned the arguments of the Chamber of Inquiry. The latter asked Cédric to stay behind bars to avoid pressure on witnesses and the disappearance of evidence.

Delphine Jubillars phone track

Delphine Jubillar was last seen on December 15, 2020. When she left her home that night, she took her phone with her. The device remained inactive for several months until February 9, 2021. That day, her relatives tried to reach her, but were unsuccessful. The next day he died again.

If the reasons for this reactivation remain a mystery, the same thing happened again on January 19, 2022. Delphine Jubillar’s phone has been reactivated. Several theses have been put forward. Some believed that it was his alleged assassin who was behind this reactivation. Others have favored the thesis of paranormal activity.

In fact, it was the investigators who allowed this reactivation. In an attempt to find her, they were given remote access to the device.

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