Concept flashback: Advanced Sedan Concept, as Acura solidly escaped it

The unveiling ofAdvance Sedan Concept during the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2006 coincides with the opening of a new design center for the luxury brand Honda in California. The aim behind this design study was to demystify how the prestige sedan of the future, e.g. 2020, would look like. Advance Sedan Concept is the answer given to us by John Mendel during the presentation of the vehicle.

When the stylist gets out of it

It must be said that this was a new path for Acura, which was still looking for its brands in terms of design. Exaggeration was okay with raw, cartoon-like forms of a luxury “Batmobile”. It is striking when looking at the layout of the oversized grille and undersized headlights. A very special detail, the Acura logo is in crystal to give the vehicle a more prestigious look. The proportions of the profile are also a failure, especially with a front fender that is too high despite having a 22-inch wheel. At the bottom of the body, we regain the principle of the body in two colors with a contrasting decorative application.

Towards the back end, things get even tougher; the trunk is too short and too high. This is all the more highlighted by the 23-inch rim. We discover a few chrome accents in the lights or at the bottom of the body to break the monotony. As it was fashion at Acura in these years we find an echo of the lattice “à la Grendizer” in the top of the trunk. For originality, a vertical strip cuts the rear end and extends into the center brake light. However, there is an interesting aspect with the inverted doors, whose handles are integrated in a chrome application that says Acura.

Almost convincing

The most fascinating point in the history of the Advance Sedan Concept is the skyscraper by John Mendel, Acura’s vice president, who seems really convinced that he’s keeping the car’s future from prestige. “Advance Sedan Concept exemplifies Acura’s commitment to modern design and cutting-edge styling. With our advanced design team, we will play a significant role in the design of the future. We can soon expect new products that will reflect this progressive style being driven into the future. As if that were not enough, he goes on to say: “The advanced Sedan concept is the purest expression of advanced design, performance and luxury that is brought to the forefront of its surfaces. Sculpted in a powerful and impressive way. The main purpose with this design study is to create a sophisticated, refined and mysterious presence. ”

Blame Dave Marek

We owe these lines to Dave Marek, who has almost always evolved within Honda and Acura. We owe him almost all of Acura’s designs since the late 1990s. His first creation was the Coupé CL, launched in 1997. In the case of the Advance Sedan Concept, he sees it as “the essence of the ultra-luxurious sedan with a striking and mysterious presence that makes it possible to create a dual personality . »

An heirloom

From 2007, the second generation of MDX arrived with the “Goldorak” grille, then the TL sedan in 2009 and the rest of the series. Day 1 of its introduction, this design element was challenged from a design perspective. While Acura wanted to give itself letters of prestige, it made fun of it with a visual signature limited to an unsightly V-shaped plastic plate. It was only with the Precision concept ten years later to hope that Acura would get rid of the ugly. lattice. It will be the small SUV CDX in China, in 2017, which will first be eligible for the “Precision” era. That same year, MDX received an aesthetic refresh, in which the grid was also removed in favor of “Precision”. Even today, the Advanced Sedan concept is considered to be one of the ugliest in car history.

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