Car, tram or bike, you tell us all about your transportation to go to the beach

To take on a splash in the Mediterranean, from Montpellier (Hérault), the transport battle is close. By car you are free, but it pollutes and it is often a real hassle to find a place. With public transport it is quieter, but it is far and you do not get where you want. Cycling is a great ride, but you need to train your calves under a blazing sun. The readers of 20 minutes mention their preferred means of transportation to reach the coast.

With car

Going to the beach by car is always a must if we are to believe the crowded parking lots every summer by the sea tram when it stops at Pérols? That she can get on a bike, with the temperatures we’ve had for some years? “grumbles Marina, for whom” the car still has a bright future ahead of it “. Kathryn is also not ready to let go of her Titine.” I live in Lemasson, so I take the car, it’s 15 minutes. Towards an hour and a half by public transport, with two trams, and a bus, every 30 minutes on Sundays. Not at all convenient! ”

Kathryn often parks in the center of Carnon, where “there are often spaces,” or at the Lido. “I would have taken public transport if there was a fairly frequent tram or shuttle that directly connects the beaches with the city center, but that is not the case. Benoît also goes there by car. And he does everything to” avoid paying ” , by parking at the Lido or in the parking silo in Palavas-les-Flots. “To get spaces, I go there in the morning or from 12.30 to 13.00. I rarely have problems parking.”

By public transport

The car does not agree among the readers of 20 minutes. Public transport also has its fans. For Safia, the car is “too difficult to park and the cabin is too hot on the way back”, she confides. So she takes the bus near Arènes. “In the summer there is one every half hour, and it is possible to return until kl. 22.40. Perfect! “Brigitte, she swims in Carnon and takes the tram” to the Place de France [à Odysseum], so bus 606. It’s every hour and it’s a shame not to have more before July! »

At the Pérols tram terminal, buses transport users to the beach – N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

Patrice, meanwhile, is stuck in the bus that runs from the Garcia Lorca stop to Palavas-les-Flots. “With the ticket for 10 trips for 10 euros, it is the most economical,” calculates the Montpellier resident, who, on the other hand, appreciates the frequencies that are too far apart. “Result, travelers refused, especially in summer and on weekends with good weather! Arnaud takes the tram to Pérols and then the shuttle to Palavas-les-Flots. Too bad, he regrets, this service is not offered “until the month of June. You have to walk from the tram stop to the beach, all this despite our taxes! Scandal.”

By bike

And then there are the bike lovers. Those who get on the bike as soon as the urge to splash is felt. Like Pierre, who, depending on where he is going, goes along Lez to Palavas-les-Flots, takes the cycle path along the tram to Carnon and sometimes continues on his way to La Grande-Motte or Le Grau- du-Roi. “I always go to the beach by bike from the city center,” he says. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who gave up the car. For twelve years. »

Jean-François, who lives on Boulevard Berthelot, is also a fan of cycling. A little non-committal in the beginning. “Since the closure of Boulevard Clemenceau, I’ve been living in hell,” he confides. I can no longer take the car to go to work in the Lattes or to the beach. So I use the bike. He takes Boulevard Vieussens and sets course for the banks of Lez, Lattes and then the Maguelone Cathedral. Too bad, he sighs, “there are no bike paths everywhere”. “Obviously, I go to the beach much less often because it takes me 45 minutes for each trip,” Jean-François continues. And when I get there, I leave in the late afternoon, to avoid the high temperatures and the huge traffic jams to get to Carré Mer beach. The road is so narrow that cars have trouble getting through. Which means that even on a bike you are stuck behind cars! »

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