Amazon is torpedoing its prices, here are 10 nuggets this Saturday

On Amazon, Prime Day is now the biggest entertainment of the year. The American merchant site, also a leader in e-commerce in France, is betting heavily on this event, which will bring together millions of enthusiasts around the world.

From 12 to 13 July 2022, from midnight, these are thousands of offers that will be highlighted by the trading platform. Even before the start of the operation, Amazon decided to release a few grains of gold to its audience. Throughout the weekend, he will delight us with rude deals on hundreds of products. We have made a selection below.

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Prime Day concentrates on 2 days offers at the same level as Black Friday. However, these are reserved for Prime customers: If you do not yet have a subscription, you can choose to subscribe in advance and take advantage of the 30-day trial period (free of charge). This gives you access to Prime Day deals without being required. You can choose to cancel at any time.

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In the meantime, we have compiled the list below of the best deals this weekend ahead of Amazon Prime Day. If the merchant is already active with discounts of up to -70%, there are other players who take advantage of this enthusiasm to show generous discounts on certain products. We have prepared an updated list for you.

Top 10 current offers:

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Where does the Prime Day concept come from at Amazon?

Prime Day is an operation invented by Amazon in July 2015. The trading platform has decided to offer its customers an extraordinary day of shock discounts to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Since then, the site renews Prime Day every year, more or less at the same time. The pandemic forced him to push Prime Day a few weeks back in recent years, but the concept stuck. This is reminiscent of the AliExpress anniversary, which is celebrated in late March.

For this 2022 edition of Prime Day, Amazon wants to return to normal. The date is again set for mid-July and there will be plenty of great deals. It should be noted that the operation this time will take place over 2 full days. From midnight on the first day, the offers are announced. The “first come, first served” principle is valid: in a few hours, the best deals will disappear. Already this Saturday, the offers on the Echo and the Rings units will disappear very quickly.

If Amazon has promised us some really high-level Prime Day deals, you can count on them. Of course, technology is a very important category on his site, but it is not the only one. You can therefore rely on it on all verticals: DIY, beauty, decoration, culture, etc. It will be thousands of references who will see their price drop very drastically in a few hours.

Discover Amazon’s deals

As sales decline in popularity, Prime Day and Black Friday seem unstoppable. On the electronics and computer part, we will necessarily have discounts on brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nvidia or Bose. These are products that are highly anticipated and Amazon will not neglect discounts on the latest references. Again, you need to be a Prime customer to access it.

How to become an Amazon Prime customer?

Like we said, we should subscribe to the retailer’s loyalty program to take advantage of this Prime Day. The Amazon Prime subscription is available for 49 euros a year or otherwise for 5.99 euros a month. In addition to the fact that you have access to privileged Prime Day offers (and in part Black Friday), you are also entitled to a wide range of services, which greatly justifies this small cost.

If Prime Day Amazon is already a good reason to be a Prime customer, know that you can also benefit from the Prime Video service. The latter works on the same principle as a Netflix, and it gives you access to a giant catalog of movies and series. For some time, Amazon has also been investing in sports: This also allows you to watch Roland Garros, for example. Note that for Ligue 1 it will be necessary to add a small financial supplement.

In addition to the Prime Video section, you also have access to the Amazon Prime Music service. The latter is a limited version of a Deezer with about 2 million tracks. This will already be more than enough for some users. Otherwise, there is a full version that strictly resembles a Deezer or Spotify called Amazon Music. However, the latter is not included in this Prime subscription. Note that you also get access to the Amazon Gaming platform, which offers you free games every month.

A real luxury for shopping

Finally, when we return to the e-commerce section, the Prime service also offers free one-day delivery. Sometimes you can even have it delivered the same day. If you need to convince yourself of this, you might as well subscribe before Amazon Prime Day. You will be able to test its service at this peak with XL discounts and ultra-fast delivery. This gets you ready for Black Friday in late November.

However, it should be remembered that Prime Day is an operation that generates more revenue than Black Friday at Amazon. This says a lot about these 48 hours (July 12 and 13) as it is also reserved for Prime customers. By comparison, Black Friday is available to everyone. To reach this record high in July, the grocery store is pushing really hard on Prime Day discounts.

While Prime Day is already starting in a few days, Amazon has already started showing some shock discounts on certain references. This is especially true for all the products he himself has imagined: portable speakers with the voice assistant Alexa and called Echo, monitoring modules from the Ring brand, etc. To find out more, we invite you to take a look directly at e- the trading side.

It should be noted that other e-commerce players are also trying to run on Prime Day craze to show discounts on their catalog. While they clearly do not want as many reductions as the US giant, they do have discounts on a few specific products.

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