Company | Euromillions: Today you can “get richer than rich”, but what can you offer with the historic jackpot of 230 million euros?

On October 15, a player had the huge chance to win the astronomical sum of 220 million euros at Euromillions. A few months later, the Française des Jeux does it again. This Friday, July 8, a historic jackpot of 230 million euros will be put into play. Here is what you can buy with such a budget.

  • – If you are in charge of a football club, you can afford a player of Neymar’s caliber, whose transfer from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for 222 million euros in the summer of 2017 is still the highest so far. expensive feature in the history of the transfer window. And if you want to buy a player stamped OM at any cost, just to save money, you can look to Arkadiusz Milik, recruited for 8 million euros (according to Transfermarkt) by residents at the Orange Vélodrome from Naples. The account is good.
  • – In this second case, you are probably one of the most passionate Marseille supporters. Plus, it’s good: you’ll be able to acquire … pretty much all of the Vélodrome subscriptions (this is an assumption, because this season’s subscription campaign is almost over) at the start of a promising season for the men of Igor Tudor. For this year, the package with Ligue 1 matches and Champions League matches costs e.g. 230 euros in shifts. Just to make the Vélodrome tremble with only your really many friends (but with 230 million euros you will get many, many new relatives).
  • – With such a sum, you will have the luxury of paying yourself not one but two Airbus A 320. Estimated at 85 million euros per. unit, the bill will be slightly salty: 170 million euros. You will then have 60 million. back. Enough to fund your vacation and of course pilots?
  • – The most expensive car ever is a Rolls-Royce Boat Tail model. His price? 23 million euros. The calculation is simple: you can afford ten with the famous 230 million euros. As a good collector.
  • If you do not know where to sleep in Marseille, you can stay at the Intercontinental, this five-star hotel overlooking the old port. In light of your new budget, do not save on funds. Take the prestige suite, estimated at 1,280 euros. In addition, with 230 million euros, you could sleep there for 179,688 nights, which is equivalent to a little more than 492 years. More comfortable than a nursing home.
  • – Do not hesitate to use local products for showering. Marseille diced soap worth 6 euros makes a very healthy contribution to the skin. By winning this historic jackpot, you can afford more than 38 million Marseille soaps in dice. Nothing is more important than hygiene!
  • – In Provence, aperitifs are part of the culture. Choose the local cru, and favor pastis. For 230 million euros you will be able to pamper yourself. For a one-liter bottle of pastis for 25 euros each you will be able to afford exactly 9 million and 200,000 copies. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health.
  • – Like eating too much fat. However, a good pizza is never turned down when the opportunity is right. If the pizza costs 15 euros, you will be able to order more than 15 million. But please avoid waste!
  • – In recent months, the Simon Porte Jacquemus collections have been at the top. Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa … Stars around the world fall one after another under the spell of Provencal creations. The 32-year-old designer’s classic T-shirt sells for 90 euros. For 230 million euros, you will be able to afford 2.5 million knitwear, to get a well-stocked wardrobe.
  • – The best for last. On June 3, Jul released his latest album titled Extraterrestrial. Available for the modest sum of 10 euros on the official website of D’or et de platinum, the label of the famous Marseille rapper, you will be able to get your hands on 23 million copies with your insane budget. And thanks to the area!

And you, if you get richer than rich? What would you do ? One piece of advice: think also of the many associations and of course your loved ones. And do not forget: money does not necessarily bring happiness …

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