Beating the Backlog: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

If there is one thing that really unites all players, it is to have a large backlog of video games to complete. If anything, it has become less luxurious these days thanks to the many, many subscription services available that offer huge catalogs of titles to play at a much more reasonable price than if you purchased each game individually. But even though the plentiful selection of options is nice, there are never enough hours in the day to really check everything out. Hence the formation of the backlog.

Which brings me to this particular article, or rather the beginning of a new series of articles. Since this summer is pretty barren when it comes to new game releases, there really is no better time than the present to work on this lag, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately. I want to tell about my journey with a new article every week, and get things started with a relatively new game; Marvel, a title that debuted in October last year, and despite that, it took me about seven months to beat it – and boy, am I glad I did.

Because this game is truly amazing. Anyone who is familiar with Marvel, whether it’s through the comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will know by now who the Guardians of the Galaxy are and what kind of crazy cosmic adventures they are in. They are not that smart, powerful, compassionate and really morally good group of heroes like Avengers. No, it’s a team that has friction, a team that annoys each other, will insult and undermine each other, but at the same time do everything to protect every member of the group: aka a family. And what the developer, Eidos Montreal, has done is serve an experience that ticks all of these boxes and that also refuses to skimp on the subtle, funny humor that Guardians have become known for.

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You may not get to play as an individual Guardian, but it is very well handled as the game uses Star-Lord as a central pillar and builds the narrative and the rest of the team and how you interact with those around him. It gives you a real sense of responsibility that Peter Quill constantly finds on his shoulders, as it’s up to you to lead the rest of the Guardians, keep them in good spirits and coordinate them in battle, all the while keeping in mind, what you say and do as a leader.

The match is also handled in such a way that you never really have to worry about what the Guardians are doing. You can shoot, hit, kick and generally cause chaos like Quill, and when the need arises, call Gamora or Drax to focus their efforts on a specific target and use crowd control or high damage capacity. And that kind of gameplay also extends to exploration, as you will have to guide Rocket through small spaces to reach new areas, or ask Groot to create a bridge that the rest of the team can cross. Everything is very well managed.

Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

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But these gameplay systems are not the reason I fell in love with this game. Rather, it is the story, the narrative, and the complex relationship between the Guardians and the supporting cast that they usually encounter and terrorize. From Quill and Rocket’s ability to get under the skin and completely annoy anyone, to Drax’s dry, literal sense of humor that always catches you on guard, Eidos Montreal has perfectly captured the essence of this team, and this even extends to the character designers, which drew some criticism when the game was originally unveiled.

But the thing is, in terms of an action-adventure game, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best lately and is possibly one of the best games to come in the last year. And in my eyes, it’s a pretty impressive feat, especially considering the absolutely sloppy job that was Marvel, another Marvel video game from publisher Square Enix (even though it was handled by Crystal Dynamics in place). I think it would be fair to say that the bitter aftertaste left by Marvel’s Avengers affected the status of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to some degree, and I would go so far as to say that it played into the cause of , that it took me so long to play this in the first place.

Still, like I said before, I’m glad I did, because the weekend I spent with this title, the weekend I spent about 15 hours in this single game, ended up being a really well spent weekend. . Not only did this game give me confidence in future projects like this, but it also made me realize why I really love the Marvel brand, something that has somehow faded over the last few years due to generally forgettable and unimportant Marvel series and projects. Since you can check out Marvel on Game Pass (PC and Xbox) today, I highly recommend you do so, because I can almost guarantee that it will not disappoint.

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