We now know why a car ended up in Eure in Chartres

“A scene worthy of a movie!” Launches the public prosecutor at the court in Chartres. In front of her, in the box of instant performances, stood three young people aged 19 and 20 who look dilapidated.
They are being prosecuted for aggravated voluntary violence, following the fall of a car in Eure, early in the morning of 2 July, near Drouaise Square in Chartres
According to witnesses, it all started in a nightclub in Nogent-le-Phaye, shortly before the establishment closed.

A car falls into the Eure river in Chartres

One of the young people would have turned his gaze to a young girl. According to the elements rejected at the hearing, it is a somewhat heavy and insistent flirting technique that would have pushed the young woman’s friends to intervene and ask the uninvited guest to leave her alone.
A brief exchange of blows follows. The security agents ask the young man, alcoholic, to leave the establishment with his friends. But apparently annoyed at having been rejected, accompanied by his friends, he waits for the other group at the exit.

“A battle of ego with alcohol and more”

New strokes are exchanged. One of the young woman’s friends is violently beaten. He falls to the ground, unconscious. One of his friends then decides to take him to the hospital. He installs it in his car, a blue Suzuki.
“We are from the Drouaise region,” he told police during his testimony. “I did not know where Chartres Hospital was. I decided to take him to Dreux.”

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Everything could have ended there, but it was without counting the spirit of revenge that seemed to excite the dismissed young man and his two friends. They decide not to stop there. Always according to the elements rejected during the hearing, they set off in pursuit of the Suzuki, for, it seems, to continue fighting.
Was there a “stroller” or not between the two vehicles near Place Drouaise? The accusers reject. The Suzuki driver says yes. Still, he loses control of his car, which crashes into the river.

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Once again, it could all have ended there. But the pursuers are waiting for the two youngsters to get out of the water, to continue hitting them violently. It required the intervention of witnesses before they ended up leaving the place.
The three suspects, who live in the Châteaudun region, were identified thanks to video surveillance cameras from the town of Chartres.
“What went through your head?” Asks the President of the hearing. “Was it a desire to hurt? to kill? “The three young defendants mumble some unconvincing explanations: ‘I did not appreciate my friend eating a potato at the disco,’ says one.

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“I did not think about it,” says another. “I do not know why we followed them. We had already exploded them in the box parking lot,” the third adds.
“A mixture of immaturity and unconsciousness,” the prosecutor analyzes. “An ego fight with alcohol on top. But we’re not in James Bond. We are in real life. This is not how you settle. There could have been two deaths. »
The three young people are sentenced to the same punishment: two years in prison, of which one year.
Due to the absence of mentions on their criminal record, they are not placed in custody. A sentencing judge will try to adjust their sentence.
From now on, they will no longer be at any nightclub, either in Eure-et-Loir or elsewhere.

Jacques Joannopoulos

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