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Lazy, lazy: welcome to the future!

A high-performance robotic vacuum cleaner is a bit of the holy grail sought after by all those who want to optimize their time. There are tons of them and it must be acknowledged that this category of products has made tremendous progress in recent years. But what Roborock offers with its S7 MAXV ULTRA is to go to another level with a product that aims for almost total autonomy in your home.

Letting your robot clean, recharge, empty and more is clearly stepping into another world. So instead of tackling this test in a “lab” environment, I suggest you dive into the real world, within a family of 4 people complemented by a husky, 2 cats and everyone in the countryside (with regular access outdoor).

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA: a solid but ultra-complete product

Before we start, let’s detail the guest with whom we will be sharing our daily lives for several days. Roborock S7 MAX V ULTRA is a combo consisting of the robot vacuum cleaner itself and a docking station, which is actually the product’s main attraction. Upon receipt of the product, you will therefore have the robot vacuum cleaner on one side (delivered in a box) and the base on the other (in another box).

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA

This is a detail that may seem anecdotal, but the fact the vacuum cleaner can work independently of its “big” station is from my point of view an asset. In fact, if you have a house with several levels or different repos, you will be able to place the classic compact base somewhere else and make a “routine” where, for example, the robot will take care of the rooms one day and the rest of the house (where its large docking station is accessible) the rest of the time.

This is a detour to take advantage of the system in all environments: The S7 MaxV Ultra can record up to 4 different cardsit becomes so easy to operate it on several levels / floors.

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA

It is important to take into account the “structure” of your house, because the correct location of our guest must provide access to what all the lazy homeowners secretly dream of: letting the robot do its thing. On paper, the S7 Max V Ultra banishes all household chores. After washing and vacuuming your home in one go, the S7 Max V Ultra returns to its station to recharge, dump collected dirt in a bag, empty dirty water into a reservoir, fill with fresh liquid and even wash its own main. !

Get started: play

After reading all these specifications and features, you expect to have a hard time getting started. The worry about the ideal gadget on paper, but impossible to configure, or the magnificent Ikea furniture, whose collection turns into a Sunday hassle. In reality, it is nothing, it is even the exact opposite.

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA unboxing

From the simple and effective cartonage to the application, everything is wonderfully done. A child is really capable of implementing all the features of the robot as long as it knows how to read (and has smart phone of his parents).

A first contact that also allows you to discover the overall quality of the product finish and also the collection of accessories that will be handled during the use of the Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA.

But does it work well at least?

In a 60 m large room with parquet floor and access to a bay window that serves a garden that is very frequented by children and animals, the task with our new robot seemed ambitious. But in reality, we still had a big surprise. First and foremost in terms of operational noise, well below its predecessor Roomba, which has been operating in the house for almost two years and which is running out of husky hair.

The biggest change comes from the operation of Roborock, whose movements are performed intelligently thanks to the magic of its LiDAR sensor. The robot really sees everything in your home and maps its surroundings for greater efficiency. He thus tracks a path around the obstacles that weave between the chairs, the cables for our sound installation (partially installed).

At the end of the first mapping exercise on the S7, it is with amazement that we see a surprisingly accurate plan of our house. S7 goes so far as to separate the rug from the hardwood in our parquet. He even names the furniture as the sofas and the bookshelf. It’s incredibly impressive, and you can even easily correct small furniture identification misinterpretations in the app.. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, room registration also means that you can create priority areas in your home for cleaning.

The cleaning itself

Our main room is subject crashtest for the S7, as it includes the living room and kitchen, while at the same time being a high passage point towards the garden and swimming pool for the whole family. On our wooden floors, the robot performs an admirable job of vacuuming dust, husky hair, lunch crumbs and paw prints in a single go. We therefore use the vacuum cleaner / mop combination with ordinary water (however, it is possible to add a cleaning solution). On the carpet, the S7 automatically decides that it must increase its suction power and thus collects the husky’s and the two cats’ hair. It then returns to its station, where it empties all the collected dirt into a vacuum bag, drains the wastewater and performs a cleaning of the brushes. So of course, even the most autonomous robot will need a little care. After a good intensive week, where some even overplayed their ability to lubricate, we are here:

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA
The new Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA 1 week
Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA after a great week of intensive use

Even if we tried to stay in real relationships, let’s be honest, we overused the robot. Already to test it and have some fun, then vary the scenarios and see how it reacted. In another test, we will focus on everyday life with this S7 and especially on the wear and tear of these “consumables” such as the mop, the brushes, the dirt storage bag, etc.

The first assessment after a great week

I regularly cursed for Roomba at home, its noise and its dangerous movements. In less than a week, the Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA put him directly into retirement. For everyday, this S7 is the most advanced robot you can find. Its simple, readable application is a model of its kind. We can of course say that its charging / cleaning station causes problems for those who want to house it discreetly in their interior. Some would also say that the suction could be more powerful. But in use, this combination is just remarkable. Its versatility clearly makes the difference and it can be easily used by everyone in the family without having to study its function for hours in advance. The relative lack of its massive station is actually its main asset. Almost autonomous operation for several days, which allows complete cleaning of a large house without the question of recharging or emptying the dirt container.

In fact, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is without a doubt the future of self-emptying robotic vacuum cleaners. His station allows him to automate three tasks: washing his mop and brushes, emptying the dirt into a “vacuum cleaner” -type bag, and emptying and filling the water tank. All this of course has a cost, but in a few days we were able to appreciate a technologically groundbreaking product, really effective (thereby going beyond the gadget’s curiosity) and in addition really thought for the user with a formidable use of efficiency and there is many options to explore (such as connecting to a voice assistant).

As you probably understood, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra was unanimous in the family and managed to integrate into our daily lives despite a massive station suggesting the worst when unboxing. It will now be seen how this robot ages. How especially its accessories are changed, cleaned and where can you get something. In another upcoming article, we will discuss these topics, but also adherence to assistants and programmable routines. It is not easy to invest almost € 1400.

Vonguru Gold Award

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA

In a few words …

Roborock S7 MAXV ULTRA is clearly the future of robotic vacuum cleaners. After a week, its versatility makes it indispensable in a home. The design quality makes it possible to adopt it by both nerds and everyday users. We love !

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