STAR WARS ™: Knights of the Old Republic ™ II: The Sith Lords (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

Last November, fans of Star wars had the pleasure of (re) discovering the iconic Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. Seven months later, it’s his suites’ turn, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II (or Star Wars: KOTOR II for friends) to land on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the first opus developed by biowareit is Obsidian entertainment who had the heavy task of looking after KOTOR II. Is the Force still strong in this bear driven by Aspyr, or has he turned to the dark side? That’s what we want to see …

An uncertain future for the republic and the galaxy with an atmosphere of deja vu

The events of this second opus take place five years later KOTOR first of the name and about years before the events ofSection IV. The galaxy is in chaos, the Sith Lords have chased the Jedi and managed to bring the Jedi Order to the brink of extinction. We play a Jedi who was banished by the Jedi Council for illegally participating in the Mandalorian Wars with Darth Revan. Despite our dark past, our character’s mission is to restore the Jedi Order, which is gradually declining to counter the growing threat from the Sith and save the galaxy … Unless we are perverted by the dark side of power. It will be up to us to choose our destiny …

The game begins with a tutorial that you can skip if you wish, but beginners are strongly advised to do so. This tutorial takes the form of a mission that turns out to be a bit long, but really necessary to discover the basics of the game for players new to the KOTOR license.

By the way, Obsidian entertainment kept the same recipe as for the first opus. During our adventures we will have to recruit characters to come and strengthen our team. However, we can not choose more than three characters when we go on a mission.

The game also retains the choices that affect the course of events. As for the previous opus, many side missions will be on the way and will allow you to track yourself to the light or dark side of the force. So you are free to do whatever you want. The story, meanwhile, is always interesting to follow and has some surprises waiting for us.

Note, however, some new features, such as a single player mode. So no, nothing to do with a new game mode or anything. Usually everyone in our group follows us wherever we go. This mode will make it possible to send a character to a point A, another to a point B, etc .. This will make it possible to activate certain mechanisms for example.

Another point, your adaptation in the Force will also affect your companions and your relationships with them.

KOTOR II a good game, but with its shortcomings

So yes, as the first opus KOTOR II is a very good game and offers an excellent lifespan. It takes about thirty hours to complete the game and more by focusing on side tasks. But unfortunately the software is not error free. In fact, let’s start with the menus: these clearly lack visibility, and the age of the title does not necessarily make it comfortable today and risks deterring some neophytes. We sometimes take too much information at once, making it all indigestible at times.

It must also be said that unlike the first opus, KOTOR II has gotten a little worse. This can be seen from the beginning during the classic synopsis that scrolls in space, but it becomes apparent during the intermediate sequences, which are blurred and where we can sometimes have microclips in the sound.

We also notice that the game sometimes lacks fluidity, especially when we move our characters.

That’s not all, as the errors in the basic game are still present. Again Aspyr settled with the union’s minimum for porting.



  • A very good successor to the first KOTOR
  • A very good life
  • The ability to select page
  • A very interesting price (less than 15 €)


  • A lazy bear
  • The title has been a big hit since ancient times
  • The original errors are still present
  • The characters are less endearing than those in the first opus

Note details

  • History

  • Gameplay

  • Lifetime

  • Port quality

  • Value for money

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