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The current context in the world can sometimes affect our holidays … Rise in fuel prices, lack of components, difficult tourist recovery after two years of pandemic … Ireland has unfortunately not been spared, and today car rental prices are skyrocketing when record budgets, so far never reached! While many travelers preferred to abandon the idea of ​​renting a car locally, others competed in the imagination to find the right, efficient and inexpensive plan to travel the Irish roads without breaking the bank! The solution of the moment: the Fleet application!

Fleet: the new way to rent a car in Ireland and save money!

Rental between individuals: the alternative to rental agencies

At the time of writing these lines, the prohibitive prices of most car rental companies are still at the heart of tourists’ concerns. The daily costs, combined with insurance … not to mention the sky-high fuel prices, seem to literally burden travelers’ budgets and go so far as to deter them from renting a car!

Fortunately, there are alternatives. In addition to public transportation, there is now another popular solution: the Fleet app!

This is an app that allows you to rent a car from a private individual. Many Irish people are registered there, thus offering their car rental at much lower prices than professional agencies.

Very seriously, the Fleet application has the advantage that it is 100% Irish and has an impressive participant catalog.

The process is very simple: If you are looking for a car to rent, simply download the Fleet app on your smartphone, create your account and then select the search area for your future vehicle.

A list of available cars is then offered to you with an indication of the daily rental price.

All you have to do is choose an offer, ask your vehicle owner questions and then close the deal!

Easy as pie!

The icing on the cake: Fleet establishes a fairly strict policy for the vehicles that can be offered for rent. They must meet many conditions to ensure your safety. (the vehicle for hire must not be over 13 years old, and must have a valid technical inspection).

And the insurance?

Most of the time, insurance for renting a vehicle in Ireland is a real headache! But Fleet has simplified the process considerably!

By renting from the app, you are covered by Fleet’s insurance. Thereby, their insurance replaces the car owner’s private insurance.

The rental price is so all inclusive, insurance included! And the amount is generally much lower than what a rental agency charges! No hidden costs: everything is ready!

Perfect for saving money, simplifying procedures and enjoying the Irish roads in complete freedom!

Advice only, upon receipt of the vehicle, we recommend that you set up a “checklist” so that you can inspect the car and its condition. Do not hesitate to take pictures: the vehicle must definitely return to the same condition. Take the time to walk around the car, inspect the scratches, the wear on the tires, the odometer reading, the type of fuel you need to take: this avoids misunderstandings and allows you to leave with peace of mind: with confidence!

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