Club Business 1 + 1, business booster and visibility

Club Business 1 + 1 was established in 2014 by the Journal de l’éco and is open to all economic actors, and is a thriving business network. Sharing financial information, best practices around a lively 100% business lunch, but also an offer of media visibility for all members of the Journal de l’éco and its media (press page, newsletter, social networks and soon mobile app).

“A network to boost your sales, your visibility, your business network and share business information”

3 years already since the Journal de l’éco created Club Business 1 + 1 with the desire to create one network network equipped with a new vision for business. ” Club Business 1 + 1 is the exchange and it financial information sharing where we can be actors. Information that benefits from media visibility through the Journal de l’éco. The members thus use the power of our newspaper and its media to communicate about news with high added value for their company, their territory … They can also benefit fromprivilege offer allows them to increase the visibility of their business on our Journal. », Explains Lionel Chaumeil, CEO of the Journal de l’éco.

Decision makers and economic actors in Club Business 1 + 1 meet every first Monday of each month around a luncheon. ” The castle is perfect because it does not interfere with the schedule of members who, depending on the club, have to wake up early in the morning or be late at night to attend meetings. says Laurent Cluzel, Development Manager at the Journal de l’éco.

The members form tables with 6 people. ” They make sure to get in touch with people they do not know so they can present their business, share financial information for the benefit of all (business opportunity, appointment, support or grant, new rules, tenders, etc.) and exchange best practices. adds Laurent Cluzel.

At the end of the lunch, a member – appointed by his peers to be the spokesperson – presents the relevant selected information from the group, information also passed on to around 200,000 economic decision-makers, who receive the Journal de l’Europe newsletter every morning. eco.

Every club is particularly interesting to participate in, simply because of the human exchanges it allows during meetings, but at Club 1 + 1 the special thing is that the profiles are really extremely different: from the lawyer to the young chef company specializing in cleaning , eg. through a communications marketer. That met is real targeted on it news apart and it is one good information vector In my opinion. », Specifies Albane Pelese, Head of Communications Marketing for Cabinet Fidal.

For Sophie Kieffer, Eurallia Finance partner, the strength of Club Business 1 + 1: its efficiency and His simplicity : ” It is direct, friendly, easily accessible, unpretentious. It is a very pragmatic club, which has brought me professional contacts, business and which allows me to keep an eye on. »

Albane Pelese confirms: this club allowed him to do ” new meetings ‘While weaving his professional network. “ You need to know how to get out of your professional microcosm. For my part, I’m trying to benefit the lawyers from Cabinet Fidal, who I work for, when they can accompany me. It also allows me to regularly see providers or working relationships, it is an exchange place. For me, it’s professionally a +! »

A new way of thinking about club business

“HAVE Unlike other clubs, Club Business 1 + 1 is not a business meeting where you have to do business at any cost! In some business clubs, I had the impression of being “voltaged”. The word is strong, but in my opinion justified. In fact, for example, I have already been asked to explain, detail my commercial approach, present my new contracts, strategic information that I do not feel comfortable communicating with others about. says Marc-Alexis Roquejoffre, President of SAS Marc Production, before continuing: ” At Club 1 + 1, no one pushes to orient our discourse on a pre-defined theme. We communicate about what seems important to us for our company and its environment. »

Today in Clermont-Ferrand, tomorrow in Lyon and Paris … Le Journal de l’éco tends to broadcast its business network to other cities, as do its editions. The number of subscribers continues to grow and the opening of a new Club Business 1 + 1 in Puydom is already in the pipeline. Case to follow.

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Laurent CLUZEL
Development Director – Journal of Eco
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