Clinique La Rose is officially accredited GOLD level by Canada Accreditation

Clinique La Rose is officially accredited GOLD level by Canada Accreditation

Tunis on July 7, 2022

“Clinique La Rose” is proud to announce that its efforts have borne fruit and that, following a continuous evaluation process, it has been officially accredited at the GOLD level by Canada Accreditation.

As soon as it opened in Tunisia in November 2017, this multidisciplinary private clinic began its journey to improve care by choosing to partner with one of the most famous organizations in the world, namely “Accreditation Canada”.

This independent non-governmental body is part of the Health Standards Organization (HSO) and has around 1000 experts.

For more than 60 years, he has worked with healthcare structures in more than 35 countries around the world.

Its approach to Canadian accreditation is based on a careful process aimed at helping healthcare facilities around the world improve the quality of medical care and ensure patient safety by achieving international standards.

This approval is presented as a repository of standards that serve to focus on the patient and to guide organizations by highlighting and evaluating the axes to be revisited.

In this context, 16 standards have been used. They touched on all aspects of the business, including management, leadership, risk management, infection prevention and control, medication management, emergency services, quality of care and safety and more .. more warehouses covering more work areas.

By following the accreditation process, all “Clinique La Roses” resources should be fully integrated into the process.

The employees thus took the necessary measures to make the corrections and achieve the “Accredited” goal.

After a long journey and after several visits by the Canadian team, as well as self-evaluations, the clinic became aware of its centers of expertise and was able to fill its gaps.

She was finally congratulated for her efforts and for compliance with Canada-wide standards, which were estimated at 95.4% with 1,060 criteria met.

As the first healthcare facility in Tunisia to complete the Canadian accreditation process, “Clinique La Rose” has demonstrated a commitment to its patients to achieve positive changes in terms of quality of care and safety and subsequently better service.

Rose Clinic equipped with 1time MRI imaging unit opened in Tunisia.

“Clinique La Rose” is also proud to announce that it has an open MRI imaging unit in Tunisia for the first time.

This configuration makes MRI examination available for patients suffering from claustrophobia or obesity, as well as for patients with disabilities.

This device makes it possible to perform all conventional MRI examinations, but also allows to examine the patient in several positions and perform dynamic imaging.

This new equipment complements the technical platform of advanced diagnostic and treatment tools that the clinic is equipped with, such as the disinfected and safe clean room, which offers patients high-quality care.

According to Mr Sami Beizig, General Manager of “Clinique La Rose”: “These results can only consolidate the clinic’s image, establish an exemplary health practice under the best possible conditions and, above all, prove the quality of Tunisian skills.

We will strive to maintain the quality and safety of care, ensure constant development and continue to meet other challenges. This is just the beginning of the journey … “

About “Clinique La Rose”

“Clinique La Rose” is a multidisciplinary private clinic with more than 120 beds with a medico-technical platform equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools. Different medical disciplines are represented there in different areas: Emergencies, resuscitation, radiology, general surgery, gynecology, PMA (Medical Assisted Procreation) with the FERTILLIA Center, Neonatology, Pediatric Surgery, Urology, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery …

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