Three men hit by a car near a bar in Dreux, seriously injured … and released

Eight years. Eight years, where the victims have been waiting for a response from the courts. Eight years in which the case has been raised in the offices of investigating judges.

Me Philippe Van der Meulen, who defends the interests of two victims, is indignant:

“It took longer to adjudicate this case than the attacks in Paris! Nothing justifies this length of procedure!”

Philippe Van der Meulen (lawyer for two victims)

It all started on the evening of 28 September 2014 in front of a bar on rue du Bois-Sabot in Dreux.

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When police, alerted by a witness, arrive at the scene, they discover the two wounded men. “One was still on the ground,” they note in their report. According to witnesses, a Renault Clio stopped a few minutes earlier in front of the bar with a scream of brakes. The bar owner recognizes two of the car’s occupants, unwanted at the bar, he says, and who is known for disturbing consumer calm, he adds.

The bartender explains:

“I locked the door to prevent them from entering. They started breaking the window and threatened to cut our throats with the pieces of glass if I did not open it.”

The bar owner (Rue du Bois-Sabot, in Dreux)

The two men fail to enter. According to the elements rejected during the hearing, they get back in the car before leaving. Consumers come out of the bar to look at the car’s license plate.

“They withdrew at full speed,” one of them testified. Two men are overthrown. The Clio starts forward again. She bumps into a third man. He is more slightly injured.

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The car disappears into the night, leaving the three men on the ground.

The toll is heavy

A broken arm for one, and above all a broken leg with significant sequelae for the hardest hit.

Eight years later he testified, still leaning on a crutch. He is disabled second category:

“I underwent about twenty surgeries and a transplant. For a moment, there was even talk of amputating myself.”

A victim (empty)

Thanks to the registration number, two suspects were arrested. Two cousins ​​aged 38 and 44, who during their trial said they remembered nothing.

Nobody remembers anything …

“I had drunk a lot. I was drunk. I remember nothing,” says the youngest. The car belongs to his girlfriend. He is suspected of having been the driver. But nothing proves it. Witnesses would have seen him at the wheel when the car stopped in front but no one assures that it was he who was driving when she hit the consumers of the bar.

“It can not be him,” assures Me Alexandre Simonin, of the Versailles bar, who defends the two suspects. “The car was moving during the injury. »

The other suspect is only charged with smashing the window. But he does not remember anything either, he says. “I do not know who was driving.”

One certainty in this sad case: the two men were not alone in the car that night. “They were three,” some say. “They were four,” assures others.

The two men are released for the aggravated violence. They are sentenced only for breaking the window, to one year in prison for the youngest, with a heavy criminal record, and six months for his cousin.

As for the victims, they can only turn to the Guarantee Fund to get compensation for their very significant damage.

Jacques Joannopoulos

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