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Star Wars: Andor is the next series in the saga coming to Disney +. It will bring Cassian Andor’s character back to the screen with a story that takes place five years before the events of the Rogue One movie, in the midst of the rise of the empire. Release date, casting, scenario: we tell you all about it.

Andor © Disney, Lucasfilm

While the broadcast of the series Obi-Wan Kenobi is over, Disney + is preparing to offer its future series Andor. We find the actor Diego Luna, who we had discovered in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and his character, Cassian Andor. This new episode is set to begin with the first two episodes on August 31st.

This prequel is set five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The series was to resume a tense atmosphere full of mystery, as the teaser, unveiled in May, suggested. You could not expect less from the show’s creator and author, Tony Gilroy. The latter had also lent his pen to the authorship of the Jason Bourne franchise.

To the delight of lovers of the Star Wars universe, the first season ofAndor will be composed a dozen episodes. That’s four episodes more compared to other Lucasfilm franchises. To compare, The Mandalorian meanwhile, only eight episodes per. season.

Andor: What release date?

Star Wars: Andor will be available at Disney + with a premiere on August 31, 2022 with the first two episodes. Two seasons are planned. The other will be like ” second half of a novel showrunner Tony Gilroy had declared to Vanity Fair. ” The first season will be about Cassian Andor becoming a revolutionary. The 12 episodes will lead to the events of Rogue One “.

How and where to see Andor?

Andor is exclusive to Disney +, which means you can only watch it on the streaming platform. At the time of writing, Disney costs + € 8.99 per month, non-binding or € 89.99 per year, as a one-time payment.

Andor: what scenario?

Series Andor will explore a new perspective on the Star Wars galaxy focusing on Cassian Andor’s journey. The series tells the story of the rising revolt against the empire and above all the role that Cassian will play during this period. It is a time filled with danger, deception, and intrigue in which man will tread his fateful path from apostasy to rebellious hero.

The website describe Andor as ” a tense and biting thriller It will take place five years before the mission we see in Rogue onethough the series goes even further in the timeline as Cassian’s childhood world first falls under the tyrannical control of the empire.

Andor © Disney, Lucasfilm
Andor © Disney, Lucasfilm

Showrunner Tony Gilroy also shared a handful of more in-depth information about the series. ” The empire takes control of the planet of the company. They tighten their supply chains. These are all ways oppression can separate a culture and destroy it A first image of the series was unveiled in early July 2022.

The show will also focus on the enigmatic rebel leader Mon Mothma, played by Genevieve O’Reilly. Stellan Skarsgård (preview in Chernobyl at OCS) will camp a new character named Luthen.

This series will be much longer thanObi-Wan Kenobi as it will include two seasons of 12 episodes each. The first season will stretch over a single year of Cassian’s lifewhile the other runs through four more years to bring us to the beginning of the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The show will focus on blocks of three episodes, with a scale immense according to the director.

Andor: which casting?

The series will mark Diego Luna’s return as Cassian Andor. The character will be much more self-centered than the man we saw in Rogue one. He will also be ruthless, at least in the beginning.

O’Reilly also returns again as My Mothma, with Stellan Skarsgård, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Denise Gough and Kyle Soller. Forest Whitaker would be back as an apostate rebel So Gerreraa character he first played in Rogue one.

Andor © Disney, Lucasfilm
Andor © Disney, Lucasfilm

According to Gilroy, during the presentation of Celebration, the character of Skarsgård, Luthen Rale, is a rebel leader. The screenwriter explained that he is a kind of Rebellion master key. Arjona is probably also a rebel. And if one is to believe the teaser subtitles, Shaw’s character is named Maarva.

The character of Gough will embody a Death Troopers. It is unknown who she is, but she could be a counterintelligence agent working on behalf of the empire. It revealed the trailer as wellAnton Lesser (Qyburn ind Game of Thrones) appears as a member of the empire.

Andor: the trailers

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