Red Dead Online: More and more gold for players and a free outfit

Play news Red Dead Online: More and more gold for players and a free outfit

If Red Dead Online is struggling to offer major updates – to the annoyance of players – the title offers monthly events to keep its community. Today, the multiplayer mode in Red Dead Redemption II also offers to maximize your earnings.

Gold and xp galore

It’s time to bring out the rifle and cowboy hats, Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode in Red Dead Redemption II offers, this July, to walk away with gold bars, experience points, but also a brand new outfit thanks to “Call” to Arms ” event.

From now and throughout July, Red Dead Online gamers will be able to take part in exploration mode missions or even Bounty Hunter missions to achieve double dollars and XP. Players who want to walk away with more dramatic payouts can also play the Featured Series (see insert below), to receive three times as many dollars at the end of a game, or even search gangs. Achieving such an achievement will allow you to increase your experience points three times faster.

Red Dead Online: More and more gold for players and a free outfit

A free outfit

Red Dead Online: More and more gold for players and a free outfit

In addition to several prices, Red Dead Redemption II brings players the highlights of the July series (available below) along with a new free outfit. In fact, when players go to the tailor, they can go with the Hiker outfit, which consists of all these items: brown Cayuga hat, blue and brown Hartman jacket, brown Lancer vest (men) / Royal vest in suede (women), plain shirt (male) / Casual blouse (female), black Rifleman gloves, black or brown Deadboot holster belt and Deadboot weak side holster, black Lightfoot trousers, dusty brown worn Roper boots and brown deluxe Gerden spurs.

Program and rewards for the July series

From 5 to 11 July: Explosive series

  • Dig up the battle ax and join Call to Arms this week to take advantage of a 50% off offer on the LeMat revolver
  • Reach Wave 8 or higher on any Call to Arms card this week to get started with a free small game trip offer

From July 12 to 18: The Extreme Public Enemy Series

  • Defend the innocent and your allies against waves of attackers in Call to Arms this week to receive a 40% discount on shotgun of your choice
  • Players familiar with criminal activities who complete at least one blood price contract and blood price option this week will receive the red gardenia hat as a reward

July 19-25: Extreme War Loot and Treasure Series

  • All Call to Arms contestants this week will receive an offer of a 30% discount on any weapon to reward them for their efforts against the hordes of outlaws
  • Intrepid Traveler, which conducts 2 Explore fashion events, will receive a new jacket: the blue Charro jacket for men and the blue Ballard jacket for women

July 26 to August 1: Last Survivor Extreme Series

  • End the month on a high level by playing Call to Arms to enjoy a reward for a free weapon component
  • Players joining a permanent party to play Call to Arms will receive the red Shaffer Leggings as a thank you for doing their duty

Benefit of the month

  • Red Dead Online players will receive 15 Dynamite and 3 Gravesend Bolas to sign up this month, and those who reach Rank 10 or higher at any time during this month’s event will enjoy 100 Split Head Rifle Ammo and 50 cartridges with burning buckshots for shotguns.
  • Completing 5 role challenges in any week of the month will give you Blue Carbow Double Bandolier, while winning 3 rounds of a Showdown Mode in any week of the month will give you a 50% discount on any weapon. In addition, rank restrictions on holster belts and weak side sleeves have been removed.

Note that rewards are given to players within 72 hours of completing a challenge.

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