Pontoise. A “Culinary Lab” for young restaurateurs at Les Cordeliers

The 250 m2 premises were visited by Isabelle Lonvis-Rome, Ministerial Delegate for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, here on the right with the young restaurateur Salamata Diallo. (© JO.C./ Val-d’Oise Gazette)

Associations The Definite and Erigere will open a culinary coworking space to help local entrepreneurs take their first steps in the restaurant business.

“I find this project, which consists of filling vacancies in a constructive way, particularly relevant”, launched Isabelle Lonvis-Rom, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister responsible forEquality between women and menof Diversity and ofEqual opportunitieswhen you move to Pontoise (Val d’Oise), Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

The Minister visited a culinary coworking room, which opens in September on the ground floor of a residence belonging to Erigere social landlord, rue du Vexin, next to the Lidl supermarket. This entrepreneurial accelerator of 250 m2decorated in local Lcr by the architect Ruben Savaldorwill promote the development of entrepreneurs supported by the association Les Déterminés, founded by Moussa Camara.

“Given the prices of the equipment needed, this help to set foot in the stirrup of the talents of the priority districts of the city’s politics is welcome,” insisted Isabelle Lonvis-Rome.

” Of tailored training and a new one local catering service will be offered employees and teleworkers (300 beneficiaries per year) ”, Moussa Camara remembered.

From left to right: Fabrice Le Saché, President of Érigère, Minister Isabelle Lonvis-Rome, Hélène Baril, Director of the Monkeys and Moussa Camara, founder of De Determined.
From left to right: Fabrice Le Saché, President of Érigère, Minister Isabelle Lonvis-Rome, Hélène Baril, Director of the Monkeys and Moussa Camara, founder of De Determined. (© The Determined)

I Pontoise, Erigere, Aberne (social and urban development operator) and Les Déterminés have developed a strategy to support economic development near the Louvrais district (which has 2,300 inhabitants), with above-average unemployment.

“Get a foothold in the stirrup for local talent”

“The challenge is to contribute through actions to meet the needs of project managers, to create local employment for the tenants of the real estate subsidiaries inHousing action in Ile-de-France and to provide services to employees of local businesses “, stressed Fabrice Le Sachéthat President of Érigère.

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“The Culinary Lab also aims to swarm and encourage calls to support the local network of associations, as well as to be a place of life open to the neighborhood with the organization of social and thematic moments. A model that we want to develop in other recruiting sectors, such as textiles “, specified No. 2 by Medef.

“Swarming and exciting call”

He wants that Cold roomat a space of dive, of wardrobes, of a cottage shower, of an area of sucking and peeling, of a room cakes, of one domestic kitchen and one food photography study. Total project costs: 556 € 225.10.

“The town hall in Pontoise especially helped us with all the authorizations and the paperwork,” Moussa Camara slipped.

“We realized that many entrepreneurs worked from home without specific equipment. Thus, about twenty young catering companies will be able to benefit from this laboratory,” insisted Fabrice Le Saché. Salamata Diallo, 32-year-old Cergyssoise, head of Aux Délices de Sala. It was she who made the welcome buffet for the minister, not at all indifferent to the chef’s exotic cuisine.

“I came to Les Déterminés in 2020. My laboratory was my home until then, but I hope to join the Culinary Lab in Pontoise soon, where I would like to open my own business,” says Salamata Diallo.

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