He shocks himself with his cell phone: thanks to a box under the skin, Edmond is alive again

Thanks to this bespoke neurostimulation technique, Edmond Michon can even relieve his pain by sending himself electric shocks via his phone, connected to a box implanted under his skin. © The Journal of Vitré

Suffering, courage, hope. And finally rebirth. Edmond Michon has been through all of these stages since 2010 and this one lyskebrok which ruined his life.

But thanks to one breakthrough surgerywhere he was implanted a box and electrodes, he can now relieve his pain with electrical stimulation.

Lump in the groin

It is “by making an effort”, especially at work, in a career, that one size formed under his skin, light level. The 51-year-old man who lives in Vitre (Ille-et-Vilaine)then reviews one first operation. But pain continues to deepen, falling to the knee and rising to the shoulder.

He then turns to another specialist. The hernia was well healed, but the first surgeon had apparently tickled one nerve. Edmond has to bite his teeth together and Keep working as an installation driver. “I never stopped! Working allowed me to think about other things. And then, recently, my attitude changed. »

“We could increase the doses, it did not matter”

Closely supervised medically, he is referred to one center against chronic and stubborn pain. In ten years he will try several therapies there to put an end to this evil which is consuming him.

I first tried non-medicated patches. It relieved me at first, but my body got used to it and eventually it stopped working. It lasted a year and a half.

Edmond Michon

Second attempt in 2015: a drug treatment. But again, little effect on Edmond’s health. “It was nice to increase the doses, it did nothing and it tired me. »

Eight electrodes on the vertebrae

On a scale of pain ranging from 1 to 10, the 50-year-old believes he has largely reached level 8. Not to mention moral which in turn tends to decrease. “At one point, I was resigned.”

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But one day in March 2022, the medical team at the pain center presented him with one intervention of last chance. ONE subcutaneous neurostimulator device. “I followed an entire protocol upstream with an algorithm, a specialized nurse, a psychiatrist, a social worker, and an anesthesiologist.”

20,000 patients in France

The box, which is implanted under Edmond’s skin, connected to electrodes placed on the vertebrae, near the spinal cord, relieves his pain thanks to electrical stimulation of the nervous system. This technique has undergone several improvements since its invention in the 1970s in the United States.
According to Sciences et Avenir from April 2022, approximately 20,000 people in France live with a neurostimulator, and 2,500 new patients are equipped with it every year. Of the 12 million French people who suffer from chronic pain, 70% of them do not receive appropriate treatment.

The stimulator connected to his phone

The procedure is divided into two operations. On May 23, Edmond Michon went to the table for the first time to receive eight electrodes, attached to his vertebrae. One week later, the other consists of implantation stimulator under the skinlower back:

In my case, it is a battery powered device which has a lifespan of five to six years.

Edmond Michon

Thanks to his mobile phoneconnected to this box, Vitrean can handle level of electrical stimulation. “And since then, zero pain !, he is still surprised. I’m on medication abstinence. A new life begins! The sensations he compared to “stab wounds or burns until you cry” are over.

Last resort

But why was he not offered this solution before? ” It is last resort against incurable pain. The economic factor also comes into play.

The pacemaker alone costs € 20,000. And one has to be followed for more than five years at a pain center to be supported 100%.

Edmond Michon

After a convalescence of at least two months, Edmond’s new life will involve a few sacrifice. “I had been playing badminton for a year to relax and take my mind off things, but I would not be able to train anymore. I also no longer have to carry heavy burdens at work. The risk is displacement of the electrodes.

But above all, he will gradually be able to rediscover simple pleasures that have become impossible for 12 years.

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