Economy | KEDGE Business School: oral access to the Grandes Ecoles is now closed

Until July 6, the school welcomed eligible students to its Marseille campus

By Marie Coursin

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In France, the territory’s 24 trade and management schools compete in ingenuity to attract their future students, including more than 10,000 preparatory students. In Marseille and Bordeaux, the training and supervision teams at KEDGE Business School welcome around 4,600 of them at the end of the school year. At the start of the school year, only 545 will participate in the Grande Ecole program. Immersion in one of the permitted oral mornings on the Luminy campus in Marseille.

“Discover the school and its values”

Against the background of electronic music, it is games with ping-pong and video games. Immediately not enough to discern the slightest pressure associated with a crucial morning for the approximately 30 eligible students present on site. Yet it is only the costumes and the high heels that make it possible to identify those who need to pass conversations to integrate the school at the start of the next school year. Estelle Fatien, general manager of “Team Admissibles” at KEDGE, accompanies them. ” Since February, we have been preparing for their arrivalshe sums up. We are there to answer their questions and offer them activities to discover the school and its values. »

From April to the beginning of July, more than a hundred admissions – daily managers, assistants and staff – thus welcome students during preparation or parallel admission (post baccalaureate, on file, etc.). At almost 23 years old, Estelle aims to give them the “KEDGE experience” during their stay. To do this, preparation for orals, tournaments, escape games, karaoke, visits to campus, the city and the rivers, presentation of courses and community life, dinners in the restaurant … So many activities and entertainment that will allow graduates to evacuate stress at oral exams and enjoy the atmosphere of the Marseille campus. If they wish, they can even stay with one of the student volunteers. ” The idea is to make them want to join the school and share our experiences. Three years ago, I even stood in their shoes, so I know their needs well! “, The leader continues.

For her part, Léa, a preparatory student, begins her trip to France at management schools. Early this morning, she had her motivational interview with the KEDGE jury. The young Lyonnaise has plans to work in marketing. ” I think it is a dynamic school with a friendly atmosphere. The reception this morning gave me the opportunity to get a good overview of the values ​​of the establishment! »

Estelle Fatien, General Manager of Admissible Team at KEDGE
Estelle Fatien, General Manager of Admissible Team at KEDGE© DR

A double seduction game

You must seduce them as much as they are seduced by KEDGE », Presents Brice Doback-Nguyen. As a true conductor, he and his team organize the oral and their logistics for all qualified candidates. ” We are not the only decision makers. At the conclusion of their oral submissions, if they pass, they will choose their school. “A 30-minute motivational interview and two oral presentations in a foreign language are the mandatory steps before signing up for KEDGE. ” This allows us to assess the coherence of the candidate’s project, to measure his thinking, his maturity … It is above all a discovery interview, more focused on the student himself. »

The jury, which consists of a supervisor from the school and an Alumni (KEDGE graduate) or a business partner, aims to find profiles that correspond to the business school. “ We need people who have values ​​consistent with ours, such as curiosity, humility, and courage “, Describes Aurélie Dehling, Director of the PGE (Grande Ecole Program). This morning, inside the amphitheater on campus, she welcomed the graduates. ” First, I explain to them how to choose a leadership school wisely, without necessarily promoting KEDGE, says the principal. Then I present to them the goals of my work, which in part consists of bringing recognition to the students. This is what they are looking for when they go to a Top 10 school. »

In order to make a difference and in line with its new pedagogical attitude, “Grow By Doing®” (learning by doing), the school is also obliged to deploy an original and active population in the labor market with concrete, ” far beyond speech and the sleeve effect, formed to act and be useful to society adds Aurélie Dehling. A scope that maximizes the candidates’ employability. ” I am convinced that today’s leadership school students are no longer them twenty years ago. More and more of them want to both acquire a certain comfort of life and participate in changing the world by thinking differently. »

Until then, qualified candidates will have to wait until the end of July to get their results. More info at

The reception terrace for eligible students on the Luminy campus
The reception terrace for eligible students on the Luminy campus© DR

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