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The car has always been a valuable item that requires some attention. However, the administrative part that comes with this property is significant due to the many French rules. This aspect may seem daunting to many people, but there are services that help you steer your vehicle throughout its life. We present them to you in this article.

How to change your gray card?

As the owner or future owner of a vehicle, you must have a document commonly called a “Carte grise”. But what is the purpose of this document? When and how does it make sense to make a gray card? We will examine these issues in this article.

To begin with, the real name of the gray card is: registration certificate. This official administrative document is mandatory and specific to each vehicle. It is issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

The gray card is a document that can remain unchanged for life. However, if there are changes such as: a new owner, a change of address or even a change in the technical characteristics of the vehicle, it is mandatory to indicate this on the gray card and therefore build a new one. If you do not take the necessary steps, you are in an illegal situation and therefore risk a fine of € 135, which can be increased to € 750 in the event of non-payment.

But do not worry, it is now very easy to make a gray card online.
To do this, go to cartegrise.net. Enter the vehicle registration and your residency department. Click “Calculate” to then be able to select the operation you want to perform. Enter the desired information regarding the vehicle, then click on “Calculate the price”. Enter your information and proceed to payment. You will be asked for additional documents to continue the process.

Do you need to change your license plates?

Like the gray card, the license plate is a unique element. It is mandatory for every vehicle equipped with an engine running on public roads.

Composed of a series of random letters and numbers, it has been impossible to decipher information since the introduction of the new SIV registration system in 2009. Only law enforcement and official authorities are able to read the plates.

Since 2009, it is no longer necessary to change number plate when changing department. However, some reasons may cause you to change your license plate. For example, if you buy a vehicle with a plate made under the old FIN system, you must change the plate. Similarly, if your license plate is too damaged or illegible, it will be considered incompatible and you will be required to repair it. Note that a change of license plate results in a change of gray card, as the information displayed on the latter will no longer be compatible.

As with the gray card, it is possible to perform the procedures completely online. All you have to do is go to a website where you can order a license plate online. Some sites even offer cheaper license plates with starting prices below ten euros. At plaque-immat.fr the process is very simple. Enter the vehicle registration. Choose your type of vehicle and personalize your plate. Click “Validate”. You see the overview of your basket, click again on “Validate” to confirm your basket. Choose your mounting method and continue. Enter your information and proceed to payment. Of course, the plates offered by this site are approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Do you need to register the transfer of your vehicle when you sell it?

When selling your vehicle, it is important to file a transfer declaration.

This approach makes it possible to realize the sale of a vehicle and acts as a contract proving that the sale has actually taken place. It also allows the previous owner to be released from any liability, especially in case of violations. Finally, the declaration of transfer of a vehicle ensures the transfer of the gray card, a mandatory document for owning a vehicle and driving on public roads legally.

The Ministry of the Interior will then be informed of the change of ownership and the application for a registration certificate must be made within 30 days. By law, you have a deadline of 15 days from the sale to submit your transfer declaration. It is recommended to complete it at the same time as the sale to avoid inconvenience or misunderstandings. This procedure is mandatory and fines you € 135, which can be increased to € 750 if not implemented.

Since November 2017, you can submit your transfer declaration online. On the website declaration-de-cession.fr for example it is very easy! Go to the homepage of the website. Enter the license plate of the vehicle being sold. Click on “I declare the task”. Enter the vehicle details as well as the details of the sale (time, seller’s contact details, buyer’s contact details) and click “Validate” to continue the payment.

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