Nintendo: What has changed since the huge information leaks

Play news Nintendo: What has changed since the huge information leaks

You probably remember Nintendo’s “Gigaleak” from a couple of years ago. The company has just explained what it had changed since …

that Nintendo “Gigaleak” is a series of information and data leaks from Nintendo, on 4chan, which lasted from 2018 to 2020. Nintendo did not have not officially communicated yet about it until this week.

Nintendo has greatly strengthened its security since Gigaleak

When Nintendo’s annual shareholders’ meeting, a question was actually asked about Gigaleak. At the time the leak took place, many observers and experts shared the idea of ​​it the leak was from iQue, a Chinese company owned by Nintendowhich has long served the company for release versions of its portable consoles in the Chinese market.

Since 2018, Nintendo has stopped distributing portable consoles under the iQue brand. Indeed with Tencent that Nintendo collaborated to release the Switch in China, starting in 2019. However, iQue still exists to provide player support for games already released by the brand, and to locate Nintendo games in Simplified Chinese. Since 2019 has The company is now mostly a development studio support for Nintendo.

However, when the Gigaleak leak occurred, given that more of the leaked information was related to iQue, many thought the leak came from there. In addition to iQue, many journalists specializing in the field stated at the time that, by virtue of the nature of the documents submitted, it was the leak is likely to come from Chinawhere Nintendo has many contractors. Shuntaro Furukawa therefore had to answer on a question during this meeting and asked him if this was where the source of the leak could be found. He seems to answer only half words:

The gaming market in China is large, but specialized video game consoles are not necessarily popular. Through our partnership with Tencent, we want to continue to democratize them. We work with experts when it comes to information leaks. We have also introduced our information security management.

If Furukawa seems to indicate that their partnership with Tencent is now the guarantee of protecting its data, the opinion is not very detailed regarding the original source of the leak. Nintendo released an official press release, from. In fact, many media and especially the VGC side passed on the comments made during the meeting. Nintendo therefore wanted clarify this information :

We take various initiatives to address information security threats and vulnerabilities. For the services we provide, initiatives include collaborating with external specialists and performing diagnostics to verify security issues.

In addition, as part of our internal information security system, we introduced the Information Security Management System in 2017 and established our Information Security Committee. Information management policies have been established and we have taken physical and technical countermeasures. In addition, we strive to educate our employees about information security through training and other means.

It therefore seems clear these information leaks have increased awareness various vulnerabilities in Nintendo. Thanks to their tools and staff, in addition to external experts, Nintendo says it can now ensure the security of its data. In Furukawa’s first statement, it also seems obvious Tencent participates in this protectionat least in the Chinese market.

Leaks that revealed Nintendo’s manufacturing secrets

Gigaleaks had done that leak various data on Nintendo retro consoles and games. There was data regarding Nintendo 64, GameCube, Nintendo DS and Wii projects. Fans had therefore gotten a glimpse of Nintendo’s inner features when it comes to console design and development. Also, emulation had experienced a boom for these consoles, thanks to the information gathered. We also remember one fan group who had used the documents for restore the Super Mario World soundtrackof one mud that had fixed a prototype of Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo, which included a circuit editor … We had experienced that, among other things Luigi should have been in Super Mario 64 and we discovered demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Space World. Many were these unfinished projects, these more or less playable prototypes, etc., which we had discovered or rediscovered thanks to (or due to, depending on the point of view) leaks.

Source: VGC

Nintendo therefore declares that its security has never been as secure as since these leaks and the measures taken as a result.

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