Metaverse Summit: Development of Open Metaverse and Web3 with international leaders

The Metaverse Summit has announced the official dates for its 2022 edition in Paris, on 16 and 17 July. The Metaverse Summit is an international convention honoring metaverse technology and creativity. The Metaverse Summit brings together leading metaverse entrepreneurs, creators, investors and experts to discuss and participate in the future of Open Metaverse.

Over 200 industry pioneers gathered to discuss the future of Open Metaverse

Metaverse Summit is a space for collaboration between companies and organizations to promote the development of a free, interoperable and inclusive metavers and accelerate their development and implementation through innovative and creative startups and projects.

More than 200 industry leaders have confirmed their participation at the Metaverse Summit, including Sebastian Borget (co-founder of The Sandbox), Liko Subakti (CEO of Project Seed), Sandy Carter (SVP from Unstoppable Domains), Kevin Orange (CEO of Interverse), Diego Di Tommaso (COO for Over the Reality), Jonathan Brown (CEO of Lighthouse), Rudy Lee (Zepeto) and many others.

Yingzi Yuan, founder of the Metaverse Summit, said, “Metaversen has seen a huge increase over the past few years and is expected to see continued growth in the coming years and beyond. Our ambition is to facilitate the growth of the various players in the sector, to help brands, startups, companies find their place and their strategy in relation to the meta-verse. »

As part of its 2022 edition, the Metaverse Summit will announce the creation of a community-driven DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to replace traditional corporate gatekeepers and their limited ecosystems by enabling the community formed by individuals who share the same ideas, to directly benefit from the effect of their own efforts. Metaverse Summit DAO aims to accelerate the growth and adoption of the Open Metaverse Framework, a public service that all creators and entrepreneurs can use, and on which everyone can build and, above all, create value.

Metaverse Summit: The first international Web3 conference chaired by women

The Metaverse Summit will help individuals and companies define their positioning and strategy for the technology of the future by building a bridge between Web2 and Web3. Early adoption is the key to creating a fair Web3 and ensuring that women show the way.

Supported by French President Emmanuel Macron and centered around the representation of women in Web3, the Metaverse Summit 2022 aims to promote diversity through the inclusion of women in the technology and innovation sector. “Web3 is both a need and a potential ”, said French President Emmanuel Macron, arguing that cultural institutions in France should develop an NFT policy and support Web3 innovation. He also mentioned that metaverse and Web3 could be useful in promoting cultural and creative content.

By including women and under-represented minorities, who are often relegated to the background of technology, the Metaverse Summit paves the way for diversity in the Web3 industry. To encourage more women to share, learn and build, Metaverse Summit is partnering with HER DAO and Unstoppable Women Of Web3.

We are honored to host the first women-led Metaverse Congress and Festival ever in Paris. The adoption of Web3 is crucial to the advancement of women, and the Metaverse Summit is pleased to be able to contribute to this initiative. “, said Yingzi Yuan, founder of the Metaverse Summit. As a gaming and blockchain industry veteran, Yingzi has worked at the crossroads between the tech sector and the creative industry. By launching the Metaverse Summit, she aims to highlight the voice of women in the various sectors that revolve around the metaverse.

The Metaverse Startup Awards received 150 contributions supported by leading investors such as mentors and judges

Global Metaverse Startup Competition is a competition and consulting program that aims to showcase the next generation of metaverse designers and entrepreneurs. This is an opportunity for investors to meet and present high-potential Metaverse projects. The start-up presentation, deliberations and mentoring session will be open to investors who have purchased an Investor Pass for the Metaverse Summit.

Companies, start-ups and projects will be presented in the exhibition hall. This will be an opportunity to build relationships and seize business opportunities.

Investors will have the opportunity to meet the winners of the Metaverse Startup Competition, allowing them to learn more about the creators and talents of the metaverse industry. It will also be an opportunity to network during the conference. An exclusive evening will be arranged for speakers, sponsors and investor ticket holders. The two-day event, 16-17. July 2022 in Paris, will be the perfect opportunity for the international community to meet face to face, create new synergies and develop projects.

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