“Mayor Bruno asks for control of price increases! Are we explaining him?” Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear rude, dear rude,


Our Bruno is funny, and since he knows he’s still Minister and Grand Mamamouchi in charge of the country’s economy, he’s in good shape.

Note that we understand.

Bercy Morocco has something to please more than one. Car with full free. Luxury canteen. He even has unlimited Nespresso coffee … so what else, as Georges Clooney says in the ad.

But let’s get serious.

Well no, that’s a hoax, because honestly there’s something to laugh about.


Bruno wants to control sector by sector and product by product if there is not an excessive price increase.

Hi, I’m not as well informed as our Minister about the disproportionate price increases, but while I’m shopping, we’ll have a good laugh with friends from Aldi.

The password is “Ukraine has a good back”!

We are therefore now entitled to the 1st price bottle of sunflower oil from Aldi for 3.66 € per. liters, whereas 4 months ago we were at 80 cents … so let’s see how many times 80 cents at € 3.66?

4.75 times!

A small multiplication by almost 5 of the price of sunflower oil.

Note that by this price, at Aldi, there is no longer a shortage of sunflower oil and as you can see at this price, there is no buyer either!

So is this war “speculation” and is it ugly?

First and foremost, listen to the top mamamouchi on the radio at France Inter.

Is it bad what Aldi is doing?

Well, it’s neither naughty nor nice.

These are the prices you will find sunflower oil for today.

That’s the way it is.

No one is forcing you to buy it. But below, the shops are empty.

In times of scarcity and inflation, the adjustment is always made by prices, and the morale of things is not the issue if you want to eat … The issue is how to earn more and follow inflation, instead of being chased by rising prices, a sharp-toothed monster that will consume your purchasing power without the slightest remorse.

What does the law say?

I know the law for almost 5 years that no one cares especially when “everyone” is in government.

But before you make a price increase with QR code, you still need to remember a few basic things, not even financial, but only legal.

I quote the Ministry of Economy itself! Source here Ministry of mammouchi nexperts in neconomics.

If you could be charitable and post the Nono el ministro link to his own website, it would fuel the public debate.

“Price information is mandatory

Since 1 January 1987, all prices, with a few exceptions, have been free when competition is absent or insufficient: certain public transport, taxis, regulated gas and electricity tariffs, special cases of books, etc.


If Aldi wants to sell you an overpriced bottle of 1st price sunflower oil, this is the strictest dish for that store.

He has only one obligation. Show the price clearly and sincerely.

Here the € 3.66 bottle. I know exactly what it will cost me.

It is up to me to buy or not.

And at 3.66 it is or not!

And many of us go “or not” when I see the shelves full of something we haven’t had in two months!

Prices are free.

There is therefore no legal basis for these controls by the DGCCRF.

If we start looking at the price of a Vuitton bag, in relation to the manufacturing cost, we will have problems. This will also be the case with Iphones that are overpriced or holding … all the German cars.

Afterwards, Bruno only has to put price control on everything.

By forgetting in passing that all companies in this country pay 80% tax between the gross turnover including tax and net after all the taxes that may be left.

And in an inflationary period where we freeze prices, we very quickly end up freezing production because no one wants to work anymore.

Price freeze creates scarcity.

It creates the black market.

And it is again the poorest who suffer the most, and the rich who can afford secret restaurants during incarcerations and closures of restaurants for the little people.

Come on, go Bruno.

Show us your price control that we laugh. Because if Bruno wants to do anything about rising prices, he will have to change the law that establishes free pricing!

I believe that this government will make all the mistakes it is possible to make.

I have never seen such a deplorable level in our leaders. Never.

It’s already too late, but all is not lost.


Charles SANNAT

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