Live Report: Scorpions – Amnéville Galaxy – June 30, 2022

It was on June 30, 2022 that Lorraine had an agreement with our German neighbors from 6 p.m. Scorpions. The opportunity to review their classics and discover some tracks from their new album, Rock Beliveri Galaksens amnévilloise hule.

Therefore, on Thursday, June 30, strong sunshine and parking are already well invaded by hundreds of vehicles carrying their waves of lovers of Scorpions to Amnéville Galaxy, recently taken over by the department of Moselle. As the doors have just opened at 18.30, different generations crowd inside the building and many fans sport t-shirts Scorpions of all eras. It must be said that since their inception in 1965, the Germans have had time to fill up with enthusiasts around the world and especially France.

At 20:00 the French were off Last temptation into the stage, where the latter is flanked by two tarpaulins in the colors of their latest album: Fuel for life. A rather aesthetic design, although widely used by the lawnmower, this with their communication a petrol pump (any psychological connection between these two symbols and the current price of the oil barrel would only be random). Quartet of quadra / quinqua, the formation was created by the guitarist Peter Scheithauer (Killing Machine, Belladonna, Temple of Brutality) and singer Butcho Vukovic especially known for creating the neo-metal band Watcha. They are accompanied during the week by the bassist Franz OA Wise of Hellbats. Some will also have recognized behind the drums Farid Medjane (ex-Trust), recently joined the group in May last year.

Last temptation offers a 6-track set list with a majority of tracks from their new album. Ash and Fire opens the concert, like their second opus, followed by Blow up a fuse taken from the first. I think fuel for my soul and I do not want to be your god will complete the presentation of their new cake. On I Win In Loose, combo tries to awaken the bleachers by involving them. Unfortunately, the majority of the troops still appear to be reserved for Scorpions and keep your voice, even if pit plays the game a little more.But it’s already time to give way to the stars of the evening after a quick set change.

A huge tarpaulin Scorpions so facing the public, galore and numerous. A little patience, a proper hook and … another tarp pops up with the message “Are you ready to rock”. Spoiler alarm : Yes.

The quintet does not do too much and comes directly with Gas in the tank from their new album, Rock Believertheir nineteenth (!), released in February 2022. At age 74, the singer Klaus Meine has not lost any of his voice while the guitarist Matthias Jabs carries a dazzling smile that will not leave him throughout the show. On his side, Rudolf Schenker, the other swordsman is just as fit as usual and his 73 years seems like a good joke compared to the energy he radiates from one end of the field to the other. This first piece fits perfectly into the style Scorpions and for the fifth time live with the band, hard to believe that it has been almost fifteen years since the first meeting during their “farewell tour”.

Selection of setlist obliges, we regret a little the absence of titles on Mankind: Time 1 published in 2007 (321 for example) or the title track of their 17th album, Stick in the tail. But no matter what, we will not shy away from our pleasure of returning to the group’s great classics, which are make it real, The zoo or Send me an angel. A front stage in the pit choir allows the musicians, who are now well accustomed to it, to go back and forth and multiply flashes and small movements to the audience. This one gives it back to him, present on all the pieces, gladly appreciating this welcome fellowship with the formation. behind the barrels, Mikkey Dee (former drummer of Engine head until departure to other skies of late Lemmy Kilmister ; replacement James Kottak back to solve some personal problems for him after 20 years of playing with the Germans) plays loud and good and lets his talent speak for itself on a solo nicely accompanied by the bassist Pawel Mąciwodapresent since 2004 with Scorpions. In the end, it’s more a bunch of kids who are excited about the event we (re) discover, than rock grandparents. So of course we did not look too much for moshpits and pogos on this date, but some pieces remain punchy and give a furious desire to shake the (remaining) hair as on Coast to coast. Right in the middle of the concert, we suddenly remember that the Germans experienced the Cold War and the meeting between two worlds as the intro to The wind of change. A moment of emotion and a remastered version with texts related to the war in Ukraine, which without a doubt must particularly affect the group. He had indeed been among the first to come and play on the Red Square in Moscow after the reunification of the two blocs. Symbols of peace in the colors of Ukraine are going to populate the giant screens in the background and leave in a few minutes images that have been very rocket so far.

The bass / drum solo will give the two guitarists and the singer the opportunity to get back in shape for the last two titles, Blackout and Big City Nights, two other classic albums Blackout (1982) and Love at first sight (1984). Two powerful pieces that say that fifteen compositions are definitely too short to sum up such a productive career. Fortunately, after a quick true / false thrill, here’s the combo again for its two great classics. The first, Still love you will win the votes of the public before the other quietly comes to complete his world, the eternal Rock yourself like a hurricane overwhelming listeners with its simple and effective guitar riffs.

2.30, after a small but intense hour and a half, Scorpions ends the evening with a traditional photo at the end of the stage, with the happy audience in the background. Despite the years, the Germans continue to perform with brilliance live, which promises in an interview with Arte over the last year. Hell party which will still be there in 10 years. That’s all the evil we want from them!

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