La Rochelle. Avatar Mobility launches a car 5 times less polluting than the city cars on the market

La Rochelle. Avatar Mobility launches a car 5 times less polluting than the city cars on the market

By Corentin Cousin
Published on July 5, 2022 at 18.01.

It is within FabLab in La Rochelle that the “Avatar Mobility” project was born. A recycled and recycled car that is completely electric and 100% from La Rochelle. Discovering what may be the car of the future, planned for 2024.

The article is accompanied by a video report, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

Nearly fifty people worked on this project. (© Corentin Cousin).

Rising fuel prices and mobility issues, this La Rochelle starts up creates one 100% electric vehicle within La Rochelle FabLab based on CESI campus.

The aim is to remedy the shortage of means of transport in rural areas and on the outskirts of cities. Frédéric Mourier, project manager Avatar mobility“, The name of this innovation tells us a little more.

“It’s a vehicle that wants to respond to mobility issues that we all have. We wondered how the impact of our daily trips is. These small daily trips represent 80% of our trips. We tried to make the best possible vehicle. ”.


This car is therefore perhaps tomorrow’s vehicle. Still in the prototype phase, this life-size model is ultra-ecological.

It emits 5 times less CO2 than the best city car on the market today ”. Frederic Mourier.

Electric batteries and a solar panel, Avatar Mobility works like any other electric city car. The La Rochelle start-up goes up into the all-electric niche and announces a range of 150 kilometers.

The electric one adapts perfectly to short trips. We have wheel motors that let the car drive forward, powered by two small batteries. These are lightweight and can be easily replaced. They weigh less than 20 kg each. We also have solar panels that are not anecdotal at all. In view of the very good efficiency of the vehicle and its low consumption, the solar surface we have allows us to drive in autonomy for 30 to 40 kilometers ”.

See the report.

Less than 10,000 euros

But what about the price of this recycled and recyclable model? As we know, manufacturers’ electric cars remain relatively expensive. Not Mobility Avatar, which is meant to be accessible to everyone.

We wanted it to be affordable. So we tried to make a minimalist car to reduce the cost of ownership and the cost of use? The goal is to have a vehicle of less than 10,000 euros including tax ”.

Once marketed, the look of this new vehicle is futuristic. (© Corentin Cousin).

A release for 2024

Nevertheless, there are still a few steps left before we see this car roll on our roads. Its commercialization is not planned until the beginning of the year 2024.

Before marketing, we have an industrialization phase on a European scale. Not before 2024. We can therefore consider pre-orders not before 2024 for company fleets, but also for private individuals ”.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to mobilize as many partners as possible and thus build a community around this project, as explained by Estelle Hascoet, communications officer for the project.

Through the local platform, J’Adopte Un Projet, the goal is to raise 10,000 euros to finance part of the prototype. We seek to develop our community. ” Estelle Hascoet.

The prototype does not remain in this state. It will be marketed with options to offer users more reach. Avatar Mobilité will therefore compete with Twizy from Renault or even Méhari from Citroën. This 100% La Rochelle car of the future is already being seen by some manufacturers.

You can scan this QR code directly to go to the Avatar Mobility website and find out more about the project.

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