a film in the series of Ragnarok (without spoil) (EMBARGO TUESDAY 15.00)

Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi, will hit theaters on July 13th. The latter follows Thor (2011), Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017). The story takes place after the events ofAvengers: Endgame and before the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3planned for 2023. We had the chance to attend the preview of Love and Thunderand we actually wanted to offer you a personalized review. Follow the leader! And the whole thing is of course spoiler free.

what we knew about Thor: love and thunder

We initially knew the synopsis of Thor: Love and Thunder, which was the next. After the events of the confrontation with ThanosThor continues to make his merry way in the company Guardians of the Galaxy, all the while reflecting on the meaning of life. Gorr the Butcher of the Gods, however, shows up and begins to kill all the gods of the universe, Thor will have to find his friend Korg as well as Jane Foster, his girlfriend from the past and Valkyrie, queen of New Asgard, to be able to overcome this new opponent. But things will turn out to be more complex that it seems.

We will not add no further indication of the official synopsis, as any additional information would say too much about the true background of this story. However, we will take a closer look to the various themes offered, and the realization of the latter. And to start, let’s try to return to one very important aspect of this film: its limited connections with the rest of the MCU.

the multiverse is not for now

For anyone wondering, it is definitely not mandatory to have seen all the latest MCU series and movies. Of course, if you want to understand all the questions about the latterit would be advisable to have seen all the movies beforehand Thorand Avengers: Endgame at least, but the film itself gives an overview of all the scenes in the beginning that brought Thor to be who he is right now.

So you will understand within Thor: Love and Thunder, few links will be made by the rest of the MCU and the multiverse will not be mentioned. This part of phase 4 was simply ignored by Taika Waititifully assumed.

Ragnarok humor

If we are talking about fully accepted elections, we must also talk about humor present in this new opus of Thor’s fairy tales. We will find here a Ragnarok-like humor, which some will consider less good, and others as superior, according to the comments heard out of the cinema. From our point of view, Thor: Ragnarok benefited from an outbreak of news that Love and Thunder, actually do not have. Yet humor is used to de-dramatize, to relax an atmosphere that could have seemed heavy depending on the themes being addressed. You will probably like it if you will Thor: Ragnarok. If this type of humor, on the other hand, you do not care at all, then Thor: Love and Thunder can seem quite long.

On our part, we appreciated this bias that sometimes tends towards the absurd, though some scenes would certainly have been more poignant and poignant if the humor had not been top notch. Likewise, some new high-potential gods that have been introduced to us have done the same set foot in the absurd (and unfortunately not in an epic way like Saitama in A kind of man), which caused a slight disappointment on our part.


Christian Bale however, he did not disappoint us at all. His performance in Love and Thunder is excellent and he embodies a very convincing Gorr. However, in some scenes it is difficult not to make parallels, even unconscious, with Voldemort. But no matter what: the character is well introduced and Bale’s acting is very good.

On Jane Foster’s and Thor’s page, the characters are true to themselves, though Jane’s potential here again is a bit marred by an overdose of humor. Their respective roles are nonetheless well fulfilled, and Jane knew that create emotions as we expected from a movie whose title is “Love and Thunder“.


Music plays a very important role in Thor: Love and Thunder, and it is used sensibly. But what makes the latter strong is actually his photography. The color palette used in Love and Thunder is extremely interesting, and it shows Gorr’s character extremely well.

We have some reservations about the special effects at the beginning of the film, but passed the first 20 minutesall the pictures seemed to us extremely worked, with, always, this bold color choice which allows it spectacular scenes.

to post-credit scenes

As usual with Marvel, we advise you to wait until the end of the credits to discover, in this specific case, two post-credit scenes. The first allows you to know more about Thor’s future, and as for the latter, the latter proves to be particularly interesting in the context of the multiverse and the future of the MCU (although again, the multiverse is not mentioned in any way). Let’s say that this opens up the possibilities and that theories are likely to count on social networks after its release.


On our side, we were well ahead Thor: Love and Thunder. We laughed and we were touched. We omitted our prejudices about this filmand we have discovered a production that is completely in line with Thor: Ragnarok, in an assumed way, and very often, totally uninhibited. Taika Waititi had a real plan with this new one Thor, and went all the way, even though it did not mean to please everyone. Well, let’s say, Thor: Love and Thunder is not for everyone, and it’s not a movie that will challenge your whole life. Nevertheless, it’s good entertainment with an ending (and post-credit scene) that actually allows us to have a look at future MCU projects (in the continuity of what we have seen before Wanda Vision, Hawkeyeor Miss Marvel). And Christian Bale, again, is a true source of joy (although this is not its original purpose).

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