Test – Cuphead: The Last Delicious Course – The End of Torture | Xbox One

After so many years of waiting, the MDHR study finally frees us from this curse with the arrival of the Cuphead add-on. His last appearance during the Summer Game Fest had made our mouths water, while at the same time confirming the demand for his gameplay. The whole question is whether the result lives up to our expectations once the controller is in hand. We still remember that this is a DLC at the shown price of 7.99 euros.

New recipe

The Cuphead brothers and Mugman enjoy a well-deserved rest after so much effort. This ceasefire does not last long as they are contacted by Ms. Chalice, who needs help to carry out a mysterious mission. Our heroes are then instructed by chef Saltbaker to gather the necessary ingredients to create a secret recipe. So here we are on a new aquarium island full of challenges and formidable bosses, which however can only be accessed after passing the first two bosses in the base game to gain access to the pier.

The arrival of Ms. Chalice in the team is not only cosmetic. This new character brings his own game mechanics. It is now possible to perform a double jump, make urgent separations and dodge using a throw. The ability to embody this character in the base game also raises the challenge of allowing a “reread” of the original bosses. Good news never comes alone, new weapons and new charms show up in the store. This DLC is therefore not just a simple addition of levels, but it will also refresh the whole game. It should be noted that when playing as Ms. Chalice, it is not possible to equip ‘a charm. An additional difficulty, of which it will be necessary to measure all the consequences of in its choices.

It’s always comic

The artistic direction inspired by 1930s cartoons still has its effect. The level design of the new bosses is rich and a lot of things happen on the screen without it getting messy. It is necessary to show a very large concentration during the matches, as these are animated. In order not to lose the rhythm in the action phases, the music is still just as groovy, somewhere between furious Charleston and the super-charged jazz band. The patterns have also been the subject of remarkable work, and though they appear to have been designed for Ms. Chalice’s gameplay, it is very possible to overcome them with Cuphead or Mugman.

Like the basic game, you should not rely on the easy mode to take a shortcut, because only the normal mode allows you to validate a win. It’s still a great way to get to know the opponent, even if the patterns are simplistic and do not reflect the real challenge that awaits us.

Local co-op is also possible. Although it requires an extra effort of concentration not to get lost in the animations, it is always so pleasant to go into battle with a friend. Bad faith session guaranteed …

If it was necessary to collect coins in the lanes in run and gun in order to shop, it would be necessary here to take up the king’s challenges. This tournament mode does not allow any weapons or charms (except to embody Ms. Chalice). Each challenge offers the player a different mechanic. Whether it is by beheading lanterns or carrying blows with parades for example, every scene is renewed.

The cherry is missing

It is difficult to assess the lifespan of a game as demanding as Cuphead. Defeating the new bosses, however, takes no more than 4-5 hours. This lifespan is extended by the King’s tournament mode as well as by the replayability of old courses with the new gameplay from Ms.Chalice. The Last Delicious Course brings its share of news, but we still regret the absence of running and weapon levels. Performance hunters will also have plenty to do with the 14 new challenges introduced by DLC.

Tested on Xbox Series X.

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