Music from the Speedy ad “The future” 2022

Speedy returns to our screens in a new advertising campaign that breaks car codes. The music for the ad is an original creation by the American studio Octopus Productions. It is specially designed for the needs of this film.

Speedy takes a stand against stereotypes

After 3 years of absence from the screens, the new advertising campaign is off Fast is an ugly accusation against car manufacturers. The vehicle maintenance specialist perceives the messages from the various car manufacturers as utopian. The film, entrusted to the good care of the LGM & Co agency and directed by the famous Manu Coeman, takes to the air in a Hollywood production. With this campaign, Speedy tackles the producers’ slick commercials, far removed from French reality.

In this new style, Speedy initiates a real change in her ambitions. The group, which is sensitive to consumer expectations and the realities of our time, is aware that the issue of mobility is a major problem. Between the need for an ecological transition, the end of thermal engines, but also the explosion of fuel prices, it is no longer possible to adopt the ostrich policy now.

The Speedy brand is more committed to providing close support to the French. It thus offers a solution to relieve the purchasing power of its customers with the offer of E85 superethanol containers to halve the fuel bill and reduce CO2 emissions. A little extra: a unique car maintenance service with a subscription.

The fast-paced “The Future” 2022 commercial

Speedy’s advertising is called ” The future “. In a very caricatural interpretation characterized by humor and sarcasm, the ad sharply condemns the clichés we are used to seeing on our screens. It is a matter of emphasizing this false promise from the manufacturers who are trying to make us believe that their vehicle, among so many others, is revolutionary and has a false idea of ​​a future in wonderland.

The fast-paced “The Future” commercial begins by showing a low-angle view of a magnificent city by the sea, and in the background we see a magnificent villa with futuristic architecture. A man walks down the driveway and turns off the house lights with his smartphone. Then he takes the wheel in his sports car. The man heads out onto the ultra-modern roads, the junctions, and we see money flying out of the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, a woman magically appears in the driver ‘s seat. Two children follow in the back and then finally a dog.

All the characters are dressed for nine, and exude luxury in a very clichéd image of the perfect family. The car then turns into a private jet and flies over the clouds. The four residents wear their pairs of glasses in a synchronized gesture. Suddenly the landscape changes. We realize it’s actually a fake ad filmed in a Speedy Center with a green background.

The purpose of this staging, as the ad’s voice-over explains, is to put an end to the elitist and misleading ideas in the producers’ ads. These emit clichés and bring us back to reality. That with the perfect wealthy family, the perfect marriage, the well-groomed dog, the oiled abdominal muscles, the children who never cry, an idealized future for those who are not afraid to shine, those who have everything and who need a lot of space.

What is the music for Speedy’s “The Future” 2022 ad?

The music chosen for this Speedy ad is electro-techno style. It is designed by Octopus Productions studios. This pub music is an original creation which unfortunately is not marketed. Octopus Productions is a sound production company that has been around for 40 years. She creates soundtracks for movies, TV, radio and commercials. They encourage artists to produce their sound productions and are located in the United States.

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