Marvel: 8 jokes that only adults can understand

Some jokes that can be heard in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are more aimed at adults than children. Back to 8 replicas a little more under the belt than the others.

If the feature films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are to gather audiences of all ages, certain insinuations or traits of humor from Tony Stark or Peter Quill are sometimes more intended for adults. Back to a few lines that are a little more suggestive than usual …

Hulk at the hotel

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In The Incredible Hulk, as Bruce Banner and Betty Ross find themselves in a motel room in an intimate moment, the hero’s watch suddenly starts beeping feverishly. “I can not be too excited,” he then warns, suggesting that the green giant does not only react to stress or anger.

Size competition

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In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott Lang meets Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne), a former member of SHIELD and former partner of Hank Pym. When he discovers that Foster has also tested the “Goliath” program, Ant-Man can not help but ask him how high he has gone.

After discovering that his predecessor’s record is 6 meters, Lang proudly replies that his is 19 meters. A small contest that Hope Van Dyne puts an end to by launching the following response: “It’s good, have you finished your size contest?”

Naked as a green

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In Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder wakes up right after confronting the Hulk in Sakaar Arena in the monster’s cell, which comes out of its bath completely naked. Unable to look away in time as the green giant wanders past him, Thor seems somewhat traumatized by what he has just seen.

“It’s printed now,” he exclaims, completely disgusted.


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In the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, when Peter Quill learns that the Sovereigns are multiplying by germinating the DNA of their offspring in modules, he replies that he prefers his “good old-fashioned method of reproduction”.

“Maybe one day you could give me a history lesson,” suggests the priestess Ayesha, who appears to have fallen in love with Star-Lord. But Gamora quickly put an end to this little love affair.

Star-Lords many conquests

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At the start of the Guardians of the Galaxy, just after retrieving Orb from Morag, Peter Quill quickly returns to his ship and sets sail before being overtaken by his enemies. After a few loops, a completely ragged young alien emerges from the hold.

“Well, I prefer to be honest with you. I would have forgotten you were there,” the Star-Lord declares in front of the young girl’s indignant air, thus suggesting that he connects relationships without a future.

“Legend Doctor”

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“Romanoff? You and Banner, it’s not really the time to play doctor,” Tony Stark exclaims at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, as Black Widow and Hulk are slow to join the team.

A mildly suggestive expression, and which is even more so in the original version of the film, where Stark asks Romanoff and Banner outright not to play “hide the zucchini” (“hide the zucchini”).

Back to the Middle Ages

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At the beginning ofAvengers: Age of Ultronas the superheroes try to lift Thor’s hammer in turn, Tony Stark insinuates that if he succeeds in this feat, he will automatically become king of Asgård, already announcing his first action as sovereign: “I will start by restoring droit” de seigneur “, he announces with a completely relaxed air … before failing miserably.

Awkward situation

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“You’ve already caught me doing worse than this,” Tony Stark exclaims in the first Iron Man as Pepper Potts breaks into his shed and catches having his armor torn off by a series of mechanical claws. . Worse than that, okay. Yes, but what exactly?

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