Free2Move continues to grow in Europe and the United States

Posted July 4, 2022, 07:16

Free2Move continues its development in Europe at a high pace. The Stellantis group’s new mobility brand has just acquired Opel Rent from the associations of German car dealers Techno-Einkauf and VDOH, an operation that opens up good growth opportunities in Germany and Austria.

Free2Move has a network of more than 1,000 agencies, where they will offer its car rental solutions per. day, week or month. “We want to develop on-demand mobility in addition to Opel Rent’s car rental offer,” explains Brigitte Courtehoux, president of Free2Move.

Partnerships with Eastern Europe

This acquisition is part of the brand’s European expansion strategy, which consists of establishing “mobility corners” with car rental partners to provide car rental solutions per. hour, week or month depending on city or country. “We provide our partners with additional vehicle rental options through our mobile application, which provides access to a vehicle on demand and its associated services of car parks or charging stations, to meet the new individual uses of mobility,” says Brigitte Courtehoux.

In general, Free2Move continues through organic growth by forming partnerships with rental companies, and Free2Move now has approximately 2,500 mobility solution points in Europe. Having opened “mobility hubs” in this way in Belgium, the UK, Italy and Spain, the brand intends to continue its growth by sealing partnerships, especially in Eastern European countries. “We are moving forward in stages while remaining focused on our existing offerings, with the aim of regaining a 100% annual growth rate that we had before the crisis,” the leader stressed.

Strong presence across the Atlantic

By combining its on-demand car rental service with car rental companies and its “historic” self-service sharing car solution for electric or thermal vehicles for urban users, the Stellantis subsidiary plans to establish itself in another 90 cities by 2025 in Europe and the United States.

Our profitability is quite atypical in the sector for new mobility solutions. This is due to the effectiveness of Stellantis.

Brigitte Courtehoux, President of Free2Move

Across the Atlantic, Free2Move is also expanding its presence at a sustained pace. Since mid-2021, the brand has launched its self-service car-sharing and on-demand rental solutions for thermal (Jeep Renegade, Chevrolet Equinox and Cruze) and electric (Tesla) models in a new city per month, especially in Portland, Denver, Austin , San Francisco, Columbus and San José, which is added to its first establishment in Washington. It now intends to accelerate its development. “We plan to establish ourselves in 10 additional cities a year by 2025,” emphasizes Brigitte Courtehoux.

In Europe, Free2Moove also struck a blow by acquiring Share Now, the rival free-floating car-sharing brand from the BMW Group and Mercedes Benz, in early May. The new mobility subsidiary of Stellantis thus regains this service in 14 new European cities and 10,000 shared cars.

Guaranteed profitability

Free2Move also continues to develop its free-floating sharing cars of small electric city cars Citroën C-Zero, Peugeot e-208 or Citroën Ami in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Washington. “On fleets of 500 to 600 vehicles per city, the average service life of these electric models per driver is twenty minutes in Madrid, 35 minutes in Paris and 45 minutes in Washington,” she explains. Free2Move was created almost six years ago by PSA (now Stellantis), and has been profitable since 2020. “Our profitability is quite atypical in the sector for new mobility solutions. This is due to the efficiency of Stellantis,” says Brigitte Courtehoux.

The brand claims a total of 2 million customers and a global fleet of 400,000 rental cars, half of which are in Europe, including partners. “We own a fleet of 3,500 and soon 4,000 vehicles, 50% of which are electric,” she says.

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