Driving your car abroad: what you need to know

When driving abroad, your car insurance must cover civil liability as well as property damage and bodily injuries that may occur when used outside your country of residence. The point about car insurance abroad.

How to choose your car insurance?

Traveling by driving your car from one country to another is an adventure that must be well organized. To ensure that everything goes well, it is important to take out appropriate car insurance. To do this, the answer to the question, how to compare car insurance? is that you simply need to use online comparators that give you an appropriate choice of insurance according to your criteria. So for more information on car insurance abroad, do not hesitate to use a comparator.

Choose a tailor-made car insurance

In addition, insurance companies such as Ornikar Assurance make it possible to take out insurance adapted abroad. The latter can include guarantees such as civil liability, broken glass, theft or attempted theft, driver protection or even criminal defense and many others. These options will effectively protect you during your stay abroad. This type of 100% online service also allows you to receive a free estimate and to be assisted by a technical team at any time.

Does my car insurance cover me abroad?

Driving abroad is always a challenge. There are different rules and laws from country to country. In addition, it is important to insure your car in an optimal way. Taking out car insurance to travel abroad gives you the opportunity to drive in good condition and in full safety.

Here are some things to check before you go abroad:

  • First, it is important to check if your vehicle is internationally insured. It is very possible that your insurance company has not insured your vehicle outside the country of registration.
  • To guarantee your civil liability, be sure to take out the right insurance.
  • Check that the insurance covers personal injury and property damage. These may vary from country to country. In fact, the guarantee of material and bodily injury is mandatory, especially in France, Spain, Belgium, etc.
  • The insurance you want to take out must protect against damage caused to third parties. If you drive a vehicle that is not insured against this type of damage, you are subject to high fines and accident taxes.
  • Ideally, you should make sure that the vehicle is insured with a deductible of a few hundred euros. In fact, it may be necessary to cover the cost of a car accident without paying an additional deductible.

Take out a long-term care insurance abroad

In the event of an accident, long-term care insurance can cover the cost of hospitalization for a third-party driver, but also the cost of repairing your vehicle. The guarantors of dependence are different depending on the insurance companies, and it is here that it can be very useful to use an online insurance comparator. For example, for the “driver dependency” warranty, some insurance companies will cover you in the event of an accident involving another driver.

For the “passenger dependency guarantee” it is possible to cover the hospitalization costs for the people accompanying you and the repair of your own vehicle. Finally, for the “third party dependency” guarantee, a third party may be insured for hospitalization expenses and repair costs. Finally, you can have an “all risks” long-term care insurance, which covers all hospitalization and repair costs in the event of an accident.

Moving abroad: can I keep my French car insurance?

If you want to settle abroad, you must be aware that it is not possible to keep your insurance taken out in France. You can, of course, use it for a while, but beyond that, it is important to think about taking out a car insurance policy issued by the host country.

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