BNA sponsors five kindergartens in Kef, Tozeur, Kairouan, Kbili and Tataouine

BNA sponsors five kindergartens in Kef, Tozeur, Kairouan, Kbili and Tataouine

To celebrate the achievement of the title of “Best CSR Bank 2022” awarded by the International CSR Forum, the BNA has decided to reaffirm its social commitment and towards Tunisians by concluding a sponsorship agreement with the Ministry of Family, Women, Children and the Elderly. On Thursday, June 30, 2022, the bank arranged a ceremony in the theater of the BNA. The ceremony was not only meant to celebrate this achievement, but to reaffirm more than ever its socio-eco-responsible commitment.

Through this agreement, the BNA undertakes to sponsor five public day care institutions located in Kef, Tozeur, Kairouan, Kébili and Tataouine. The bank insisted on the implementation of objective 4 for sustainable development: quality education. This is to provide Tunisian youth with a comfortable environment that promotes learning from an early age. BNA wants to be one of the largest players in guaranteeing access for all to equal, free and quality education through the various stages of life.

On this occasion, the Director – General of the BNA, Mondher Lakhal, presented the main axes of the Bank’s CSR strategy, returning in particular to the previous actions taken at the cultural, sporting, social and environmental levels. pedagogical. ” This trophy is a true dedication that reflects our beliefs. Our partners believe in a refund obligation to the primary school where we had followed our studies. We have established a vision for our approach … We have ratified the UN Global Compact, and we have established an environmental and community management system “, he added.

Mondher Lakhal felt that the BNA needed to intervene. He mentioned the fragile situation of public finances. He mentioned the bank’s previous efforts to rehabilitate schools and hospitals. He also mentioned the creation of sports courts in certain areas such as Kébili and Rjim Maâtoug. He insisted on the guarantee of equal opportunities, especially for young people. He recalled that the latter had distinguished himself during the Olympic Games. ” We were where the duty had called us … We had entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Education to rehabilitate schools … We did not hesitate to support the Ministry of Women in this project “, he declared.

The ceremony was attended by Marouen Abassi, Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia, Sihem Nemsia, Minister of Finance, Hayet Ketat, Minister of Culture, Fethi Sellaouti, Minister of Education, Amel Moussa Belhaj, Minister of Family Affairs, Women, Children and the Elderly, and Nejia Gharbi, Chairman of the Bank’s Board.

BNA had demonstrated its affiliation and CSR commitment, also at the inauguration on the same date of a singing club dedicated to the bank’s staff, which will anchor the vision and design of the business model further than BNA. wants to build, namely “leadership through trust”. The bank has also made a gym available to its employees. The latter will benefit from a space designed to allow them to use their powers and benefit from the positive effect of physical exertion. These two actions fall within the framework of Sustainable Development Goal 3: “Health and Wellness” and Goal 8: “Decent work and economic growth”.

The rehabilitation project will be completed by the end of 2022. It is estimated at a total value of almost 500 thousand dinars. “Education is a fundamental human right and a force for the sustainable development and development of society, which needs education to equip all individuals with the knowledge, skills and values ​​necessary to enable them to live in dignity, to build a life and contribute to the continued development of Tunisian society, ”the bank added in a press release.


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