66% of consumers believe that the metaverse will change their lives!

In a new report, Wunderman Thompson prepares a mid-term report on the notoriety of metavers and its resonance with consumers. “New Realities: Into the Metaverse and Beyond” is there to make more accessible and understandable what pertains to this still far too vague concept.

A new report by Wunderman Thompson

The Wunderman Thompson Intelligence Agency publishes a new analysis this year. It focuses on the very rapid development of a science fiction concept into a reality that turns our daily lives upside down day after day. The study, entitled “New Realities: Into the Metaverse and Beyond,” was the subject of a survey conducted in March among more than 3,000 people aged 16 to 65 in the United States, the United States, the United Kingdom and China. Note that this comes 9 months after an initial report on the topic. Today, the agency shows that awareness of the metaverse has more than doubled in less than a year. While less than a third (32%) had heard of the term in July 2021, almost three quarters (74%) in March 2022 were familiar with the term.

A concept that needs to be democratized, over and over again

Awareness is the key. However, the understanding is still low. The study reveals that there is uncertainty about what the term means. Only 15% of respondents say they know what it is and can explain it to someone else. Although they are unable to explain the metaverse, consumers believe it promises to have a significant impact on our lives. And among those who know what metaverstwo-thirds think it will change “life”. In fact, 74% say that for them, the metaverse is the future. And 66% of them believe that it is important for a life change.

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Disturbed activity sectors

The areas where consumers expect to see innovation are entertainment. 90% of respondents share this view. This sector is followed by advertising and retail. While many are still assessing the impact of metavers through prism of screens, this latest supplementary report addresses the significant changes it could have on “right” life. New data are going to quantify the impact that consumers are projecting on certain key areas. Most people believe that the meta-verse can have a strong impact on retail, finance, health and well-being, food and drink, the world of work, sports and entertainment, fashion or even beauty. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

  • Retail : 86% of people believe that metaverset can affect retail. Of those who know about Metaverse, 70% think it might be a favorite place to shop. And 68% believe that this is the future of online shopping.
  • health and well-being : 81% of people believe that metaverse can affect the health and care industry. A surprising fact, considering that the virtual one does not experience the same health issues as the real one. However, respondents believe that digital tools can help improve physical and mental health in the physical world. In the UK, US and China, 81% say they go digital to relax. 55% say they are physically healthier thanks to technology. And 56% say they are mentally healthier thanks to technology.
  • food and drinks : 76% of people think that the metaverse can also affect restaurants and bars. To support these statements, the report reviews the cases of Coca-Cola, Chipotle, McDonald’s and The Sims.
  • The world of work : As the meta-verse is set to reach $ 800 billion in global revenue by 2024, companies are investing, according to Bloomberg. From hiring talent and creating dedicated teams to recruiting the best architects to designing virtual headquarters, no cost is saved. Meta spends more than $ 10 billion, and Disney, Nike or even WPP are recruiting talents to develop their metaverse vision.
  • Sports and entertainment : The global entertainment industry is no stranger to new technologies. Today, advertisers like Sony, Manchester City or Pooja Entertainment are doubling their metaverse ingenuity to seduce their targets.

Do you want to know more? Find the full Wunderman Thompson survey below!

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Meta community

“New Realities: Into the Metaverse and Beyond” also comes back to NFTs experiencing a major boom. In fact, NFT sales reached $ 25 billion in 2021, up from $ 95 million in 2020, according to DappRadar’s estimates from January 2022. This report also looks at the implications for our society. We might think that all these virtual actions can force us to stay at home. However, 53% of respondents agree that metavers can ultimately bring people together. And 52% believe it has the potential to be more inclusive than the physical or offline world. While 76% believe it could have an impact on governments.

The metaverse is here, and it is already changing our perception of reality. And it reports Wunderman Thompson Intelligence present has the ambition to help all stakeholders to participate in this great adventure.

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