Umbrella Academy on Netflix: 10 details you should not miss in season 3

Whether it’s comics that the series is adapted from, or pop culture, Umbrella Academy is full of references of every kind every season. Here are those from the new series of episodes.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for season 3 of Umbrella Academy!

Released on June 22, the third season of Umbrella Academy features several nods to comics written by Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Bá, but also to film works. We present you with the most important:

Umbrella Academy meets Footloose and Guardians of the Galaxy


The first episode of season 3 starts where season 2 ended, namely with a face – to – face between Umbrella Academy and Sparrow Academy, the team formed by Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) in the reality where the heroes have arrived.

And while a match is expected between the two teams, they are finally engaging in a fun dance match to the rhythm of the song Footloose, with dance steps identical to the movie of the same name. It’s also a nod to the Guardians of the Galaxy, where Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) considers the ’80s film to be the best in history and often uses dance as a tactic against his enemies. !

A wild scene that nevertheless has a very rational explanation …

A nod to My Chemical Romance


In her first screen appearance, Sparrow Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez) is shown reading a book called The Jetset Life. A reference to the song from the group My Chemical Romance, The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You, whose director, Gerard Way, is none other than the author of the comic book Umbrella Academy.

The Televator from the cartoon


Also in the first episode of the season, we can see in the basement of Sparrow Academy a poster for Televator, an invention of Sir Reginald in the comics, already mentioned in season 2. It is an elevator that allows you to teleport to different places. Note that the season ends with the members of the Umbrella Academy leaving a mysterious elevator. Could it be the television? Case to follow.

The Obsidian or Overlook Hotel?


Much of the action in this new season takes place in a hotel called Obsidian and based on the Hotel Oblivion from the cartoon. Its decor is very reminiscent of one of the most famous hotels in the cinema: Overlook in The Shining.

In particular, Harlan’s (Callum Keith Rennie) bedroom has wallpaper with the same geometric patterns as the rug, on which Danny rides a tricycle in an iconic scene from Stanley Kubrick’s film. IN an interview confirming the referencethe creator of the series also revealed that he was inspired by Wes Anderson’s works to create Obsidian.

A familiar dog for comic book readers


The name of the hotel receptionist’s pug, Mr. Pennycrumb, should sound familiar to comic book readers of Umbrella Academy. This is truly the name given to the five dogs (Aidan Gallagher) in the comics, where the fur ball follows him throughout the apocalyptic future, where he is stuck at the beginning of the story.

Referenced hairstyles


In Season 3, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) and Viktor (Elliot Page) cut their hair, making them look like their cartoon counterparts, Rumor and White Violin, much more than they had before. Enough to satisfy the most authentic readers!

Preview of the comics’ Diego


Section 6 contains another nod to the source material: when Stan (Javon Walton) disappears, swallowed by bullet blitz, the focus is on the drink he held in his hand a second time before and which is now on the ground. Above, we can clearly notice a character who is none other than the cartoon version of Diego (David Castañeda) looking at the cup with confusion.

From Rosebud to Oblivion


In the third episode, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) watches the series Hooker with William Shatner along with his sleeping adoptive father. The latter then whispers the word “Oblivion” in his sleep, with a close-up of his mouth before dropping the remote control he holds in his hand. A shot similar to Charles Foster Kane’s death in Citizen Kane, often considered the best movie ever, in which the tycoon drops a snowball from his hand while mumbling “Rosebud”.

Umbrella Academy vs Legion


The way Harlan’s powerful forces are filmed in flashbacks from episode 4 is very reminiscent of the Legion series, whether it’s production, colors and even sound effects. No wonder you know several members of Umbrella Academy’s technical team worked on Noah Hawley’s series! The flashback scene that concludes the episode is also accompanied by a song by … Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye in the Marvel universe.

Prime 8s Group & Clever Crisp Cereals


Finally, other references to the Umbrella Academy comics have crept into the new series of episodes, such as an advertisement for Clever Crisp cereal, invented by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, shown in the Korean metro in the season’s opening scene or a vinyl from the group Prime 8s worn by Lila (Ritu Arya) in episode 2. In the comics, this is the name of the group formed by numbers 2 and 7 in their teens!

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