Soon a co-working space like home in La Queue-lez-Yvelines

Olivier Renault and Anne Jouanne in Cowork à la Maison, in La Queue-lez-Yvelines, which opens on 1 September. (© 78News)

Coworking space is growing in South Yvelines. After Méré, Thoiry or Jouars-Pontchartrain, it is in Queue-lez-Yvelines that a third place opens on the September.

Cowork à la Maison, its name, sets the tone. Located at 7, rue Nationale, the house of
over 300 m2 with a garden formerly housed Chaïkana, a communications agency specializing in events.

The Coworking Room, at 7, rue Nationale, in La Queue-lez-Yvelines, is set in a 300 m2 house with garden.
The coworking room, at 7, rue Nationale, in La Queue-lez-Yvelines, is located in a house of 300 m.2 with a garden. (© 78News)

An atypical place

The business has been sold in 2019 and the house is experiencing a new life. Chaïkana’s former partner and owner of the premises since 2007, Olivier Renault, naturally thought of co-working.

“Telework is growing and the trend will continue to grow. However, working from home is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Some do not have adequate housing or equipment, others do not like loneliness and work better by swapping. »

Olivier Renault

Hence his idea of ​​a coworking space, but not just any space.

“We want to instill the same spirit that reigned in our agency. We were in the quality and at the top of the range, but especially in the little care of our customers. It’s in our DNA. And our customers were happy because our employees had a real team spirit.At that time it was a place with life, just like at home.In beautiful surroundings, a nice decoration, with many services etc. By succeeding reconcile performance and quality of life at work, we were even on the podium for Great Place To Work 2016. ”

It is therefore this same spirit that Olivier Renault wants to transcribe in the space of the future

“Unlike spaces in urban areas in converted former offices, we offer an atypical location. A real house on two floors with an equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a large garden with barbecue … In short, just like at home, except that we work there under good conditions. »

Olivier Renault

Those responsible for this space, who will host between 20 and 30 workstationsaim employees and freelancers, such as graphic designers for example. Three different formulas (private offices, dedicated positions, mobile positions) will be offered. “And since we want to instill a real state of mind, we do not offer office reservations through our website. Interested parties will have to call us so we can get to know each other ”, concludes Olivier Renault.
Redesigned this summer, the Cowork House opens its doors 1eh September.

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Cowork at home, 7, rue Nationale in La Queue-lez-Yvelines. Tel .: 07 62 69 52 67. Website: [email protected]

Shooting location for Thierry la Fronde!

In the 19th century, National Road No. 7, in La Queue-Lez-Yvelines, was originally a smithy before becoming a garage at a time when the total length of bitumen in France must not exceed 100 km … precedes ‘timen!
Thereafter, the house served as the interior for the 1963 Thierry La Fronde soap opera, similar to Plus belle la vie, which broke the hearts of millions of French people when Jean-Claude Drouot ended his role.
The house then became a family home before the event communications agency Chaïkana took over the premises to make it its headquarters for more than 15 years. From 1 September, it will become a co-working space: Cowork à la Maison


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