In a letter, Sadok Belad Saed condemns the draft constitution!

Late in the evening from Saturday to Sunday, July 3, 2022, screenshots of a letter from Dean Sadok Belaïd and the draft Constitution of the Advisory Commission began to circulate on social networks. This is an exclusive granted to the Arabic-language newspaper Assabah in its Sunday edition.

The day after the publication of the draft constitution in the Official Journal, Business News published an article entitled “Have they been found in Mahfoudh, Belaïd and Bouderbala?”. It must be said that the members of the National Advisory Commission for a New Republic, which intended to present a draft constitution to the Head of State, had multiplied the declarations on the content of the text. Except that the version published in Jort seemed to have moved away from it.

The Coordinating President of the Commission, Sadok Belaïd, came to confirm that the President of the Republic did not take into account the version of the Commission and preferred his own.

Sadok Belaïd had promised to reveal to the Tunisians if the project published in Jort was not in line with what he had presented to the president. Promise kept. The dean strongly condemns a version emanating directly from Kaïs Saïed and confirms that the Commission is completely relinquishing its responsibility for the project that is the subject of the referendum.

The dean admits that Kais Saïed had decided to send a new constitution to a referendum with or without the participation of the Commission. He also admits that members were aware of the non-decision-making advisory nature of the Commission. ” This means that our mission ends with the presentation of the project on June 20 and also that the President has the right to decide on the future of the text. However, this right was governed by a contract of mutual trust between the two parties. The Commission should respect the framework of its mission, and the President should in return respect the Commission’s efforts and recommendations, in particular by consulting it on the changes to the text ”.

Sadok Belaïd states that partial changes would have been generally acceptable, but that ” Unfortunately, fundamental changes have been made in this case. It is therefore our duty to strongly announce that the published text has nothing to do with the project presented to the President of the Republic. In my capacity as Chair of the Advisory Committee and after consulting Amine Mahfoudh, I declare with regret that the Committee fully relinquishes its responsibility for the project submitted to the referendum. “.

Subsequently, the dean explained the reasons for his approach and why he insisted on revealing the truth by publishing the commission’s project. It poses a greater danger than non-compliance with forms. ” We believe that the text published by the Presidency of the Republic entails serious risks and pitfalls, and it is our responsibility to condemn it. “.

Sadok Belaïd draws up a preliminary list of the most dangerous aspects of the new constitution:

– Disfigurement of the Tunisian identity.

– A suspicious return to Article 80 of the 2014 Constitution, on the “imminent danger” through which the President guarantees himself extended privileges, under conditions which he defines alone, which constitutes a prelude to a dictatorial regime.

– The President’s lack of political responsibility.

-A vague and ambiguous regional and territorial system that does not bode well.

Inadequate and shortened organization of the Constitutional Court, in particular a system of appointing its members solely from the judiciary, which would affect its independence.

-The absence of the economic, social, cultural and ecological dimension.

This exit from the dean, who has been collaborating with the President of the Republic for months, and the content of his letter is an indisputable proof that Kaïs Saïed has used all these beautiful people as foil for his project. It also proves that the president, honestly and upright, has no qualms about deceiving people he himself has appointed.

A few days before the referendum, this reversal of the situation would tend to further isolate a president of the republic who is determined to enforce his vision at all costs.


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