duo 1 circus and / or public space artist – 1 author

Report :

The circus and the public space are in a situational fragility associated with the health crisis. The need for support in relation to writing is felt.

Project :

Two writers, one from the theater, the other from the circus and / or the public space, are invited to meet to share their imagination, to jointly conduct a study of crossed writing during their stay.

This support system for the Recovery Plan will help to question the specificities of modern writing by provoking a new work context: the relationship to text and speech in circus works and public space; the relationship to body language in dramatic writing.

More specifically, it concerns:

  • The playwrights, e.g. the award recipients of Creation Aid – ARTCENA, graduates of the author section of higher education institutions such as the Ecole du Nord, National Theater of Strasbourg, ENSATT…;
  • Creators of circus and public space established in the Hauts-de-France region;
  • The residential areas of Hauts-de-France.

The stay is for a maximum of 2 consecutive or non-consecutive months (including refund), must begin before the end of 2022 and end before the end of 2023.


The residence will promote the provision of scenic, administrative or technical means to support a research and writing process. The action aims to create a close relationship with the local population through several artistic and cultural proposals in this housing framework.

The objectives of this call for projects are:

  • Support circus and public space artists in resuming and maintaining their activity in a context of health crisis;
  • Strengthen the artistic presence in the region at the local level, especially towards remote or rural areas;
  • Develop collaborations between artists, writers and territories;
  • Promote the professional integration of artists, especially recent graduates.

The grant application will combine several types of actions in relation to the stay approach defined by the artistic team and the partner:

  1. Writing time: the work can be presented to as diverse an audience as possible and in a free format (without a ticket).
  2. Artistic and cultural education : if relevant, connect the project with activities of artistic practice that allow the discovery of the artists’ universe within the framework of their research.

This is not a production / creation aid. Artists will benefit from the spaces and equipment made available for work and research.

The action is expected to be carried out with a local partner. This partner can be:

  • A dissemination site marked or not marked by the Ministry of Culture (regardless of legal status);
  • An art education institution;
  • An EPCI.

Assessment criteria:

  • The quality of the presented file and the clarity of the presentation of the action;
  • The interaction between the artistic team, the playwright and the intervention partner;
  • The gender balance in the composition of the teams.

A place of establishment / dissemination (association, place under management, etc.) cannot obtain more than one extraordinary support called the 2022 recovery plan.

Implementation methods:

Author duos will benefit an aid of 10,000 euros that provides time for residence, writing and work on recordingsat most depending on the proposed file.

For each request for assistance, the file may be submitted by the accompanying company or structure and shall include:

  • CERFA duly completed;
  • The project budget, which describes the estimated hourly volume of intervention by the artistic team; specify non-financial contributions (placement in working order);
  • The details of the planned actions and the persons who make up the team (artistic, technical, administrative);
  • Indicate the cultural actions envisaged;
  • A preliminary schedule;
  • The local partner’s written obligation to host the artistic team (letter or email with details of the host conditions).

Eligible costs :

The Drac grant may not exceed 80% of the total budget of the action.

  • Artistic staff costs (mainly salaries and fees)
  • Administrative coordination costs, within the limit of 10% of the total budget

Living room based in Hauts-de-France, which hosts this accommodation for 2 months under professional conditions (provision of sets, work space and technical staff as required, but also accommodation).

File Submission Date:

From June 15 to August 15, 2022 inclusive

Selections will be made early September under an internal commission at DRAC with 2 qualified personalities.

Notification of aid:

From 15 September 2022.


At the end of the support and within a maximum of 6 months, a joint assessment is sent to DRAC.

Download the application form to be completed below:

project – requisition parts.ods

tab – 28 KB

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