Streaming. What are you going to see this weekend? “Murder in the building only” or “Terminal list”

Here is our selection of the weekend on legitimate streaming platforms.

Series: “Only Murders in the Building”, second season, on Disney +

The most chaotic trio of investigators on the platforms is back. WHO? Three neighbors in a Manhattan building: Charles, a late-career TV actress (Steve Martin), Oliver, a motley show producer (Martin Short), and Mabel, an apartment decorator (Selena Gomez). Around the same passion, podcasts around criminal cases and a murder in the heart of their building, the three guys went together to solve the case. What they did in season 1. Except that as the title of the series says, “murder” or “murder” is written in the plural. This time, it’s Bunny’s death, the administrator’s cruel leader, that is at the heart of the second season. Especially since our Sunday investigators are the main suspects …

“Only Murders in the Building” is back, to the delight of the spectators who voted for this police medium. Season 2 is in line with the first, with its mysteries galore, its cowardly humor and its dramatic pauses that bring authenticity to this permanent mishmash. Especially since the series gives itself the opportunity to break the fourth wall, our detective apprentices taste a certain kind of celebrity. The cast is also renewed with American stand-up star Amy Schumer in her own role, Cara Delevigne, who plays Alice, an art gallery owner who is very interested in Mabel, but also Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine.

Always fun, exciting and sometimes moving, “Only Murders in the Building” is still a pleasure to follow.

The miniseries: “The Terminal List” on Amazon Prime Video

During a secret mission, the Navy SEAL squad, of which Reece (Chris Pratt) was a part, is decimated. The only survivor he returns home with symptoms of post-traumatic stress. His memories are conflicting and unclear about the event, and he feels terribly guilty. Soon Reece discovers that a powerful and dark organization is after him …

The star of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the last “Jurassic Park” is back in a series, 7 years after the end of the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, where his lunar character Andy Dwyer has become a classic in American comedy. Except that “The Terminal List” (adapted from a book by Jack Carr) is anything but a joke: this action thriller, which mixes war of attrition and political conspiracies, is primarily from beginning to end.

Suffice it to say that the 8 episodes in one hour can be a little difficult to digest, especially as we between the few action scenes (effectively performed by Antoine Fuqua, the director of “Training Day”), follow long dialogues that do not necessarily exciting for someone without increased knowledge of military jargon.

A series reserved for the most avid fans of Tom Clancy thrillers …

Additional info: how Netflix series arrive … at Disney +

From 2015 to 2019, they made Netflix’s heyday: the series “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Iron Fist”, “Luke Cage”, “The Punisher” and “Defenders” allowed the platform to offer original works around Marvel superheroes while has a link to movies like “Avengers”. However, these series, darker and more violent than the movies, had major tempo issues, often being too long for their own good (a recurring flaw in Netflix series from this period), and the connection to the Marvel universe became more and more flimsy over the years … and Disney’s success (owner of Marvel) on streaming.

After Netflix ended up abandoning these series, the rights to the characters (and therefore to the works in which they appear) would end up falling back into the hands of Marvel / Disney over the years … It’s done, and since the 29th June, all the series arrived at Disney + in France (they were already available in other countries).

An arrival that also marks the return of these characters to the great Marvel Studios fresco in movies and series, since Charlie Cox, the hero of “Daredevil”, resumed his role in the feature film “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. while Vincent D’Onofrio (who played mob boss “Kingpin” in “Daredevil”) appeared in later episodes of “Hawkeye.”

These Marvel series will not be the only productions from the Disney group to make this switch. On Wednesday, July 13, the horror series “American Horror Story” (produced by Fox) will also move from Netflix to Disney +.

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