PlayStation Plus: After the Fire Ring, 7 souls like to discover!

Play news PlayStation Plus: After the Fire Ring, 7 souls like to discover!

With the arrival of the new PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, many games and genres are available to gamers. And whether it’s action, RPG or racing, there’s something for everyone. But today we will focus on Souls-like, these titles, which are inspired by the Dark Souls series. Want more after completing the Fire Ring? Follow the leader!

All the games mentioned in this article are available in the Extra and Premium offer on the new PlayStation Plus.

Demons Souls

So yes, we know we’re supposed to talk about Souls-like, but you still do not want to reject an authentic representative of the genre? In the game catalog for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium you can find the Demon’s Souls remake. One of the PlayStation 5 launch titles! It’s straight the founder of Souls-like himself – if you’ve played Elden Ring, you know what it’s about. We are talking about a demanding gameplay, based on careful reading of the enemy’s movements and a tight control of timings. A true cultopus who will then give birth to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro … Especially since this remake shows a breathtaking technique that alone justifies diving back into the Boletaria world. All in all, an inevitable part of the JV culture on PlayStation. Come on, we do not hesitate!


We continue with another great game from the FromSoftware studio: Bloodborne, released a while after Dark Souls 2. As you probably know, the title fills the basics of a Souls, but with faster gameplay and some originals. Here, for example, no shield or armor, but a firearm and a blade that can take two forms: light or heavy. So more than ever, it’s important to dodge. But do not neglect the attack either! With a well-timed shot, you can immobilize the opponent to inflict a very heavy attack, and if you respond to an attack quickly enough, it is even possible to regain some of your health. In short, you understand the idea! Let’s not forget the universe, truly dark imagination and inspired by Lovecraft’s works. Basically, it’s madness at all levels.

  • Platform: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)

Cave Knight

Is it still necessary to present Hollow Knight? Team Cherry’s Souls-like and metroidvania have become a reference for the genre, and we managed to translate the requirement that we know about it on a 2D level. For yes, the title gameplay is damn well-established, with an adventure reserved memorable fights and bosses. As usual in a Souls-like game, the slightest mistake will bring you back to the last active checkpoint, leaving a lot of your resources. But exploration will of course be rewarded. You understand what’s at stake: either you walk around at the risk of losing everything, or you stay on track. Above all, as for Bloodborne, the universe is specially crafted, giving even more personality to the whole. In short, if you have not had the opportunity to play it yet, it is now. A really good cult game.

  • Platform: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)


In line with Hollow Knight, have you ever heard of Blasphemous? It’s also Souls-like / metroidvania, but much more macabre than the competition. Here it is simple, there are everywhere traces of a bloody religion, which shows itself just as much in the decorations as in the people one encounters. Even in your quest: you are the repentant one who, armed with his sword Mea Culpa, wants to put an end to the wrath of God. And of course, you have to measure yourself against a whole bunch of enemies as well as oversized bosses. But more than anything else, it is above all the artistic direction of the title that marks with a hot iron. Rarely have we seen such detailed pixel art, where each painting offers us a completely insane view. All in all, Blasphemous really has it all. Try it!

  • Platform: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)

ash gray

This time we leave 2D to reconnect to 3D, thanks to Ashen. It’s a spellbinding Souls-like edited by Annapurna Interactive. His strong point is without a doubt his universe and his artistic direction, all in pastel and “low poly” (3D models and simple textures). In terms of gameplay, we’re here for something very classic, but which still works just as well: monitor your stamina to perform dodges and the attacks you need. But there is still some originality, starting with Village du Vagabond, a kind of HUB that allows you to buy improvements and that will evolve as you progress. In addition, there is a less punitive formula than a Dark Souls, with, for example, fountains on the way to the dungeons to regain health. The icing on the cake is a co-op mode.

  • Platform: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)

The Surge 1 and The Surge 2

Finally, take on the future with The Surge and The Surge 2, two futuristic Souls-like. The second episode leaves you in the footsteps of a mysterious young girl who – like your character – survived a plane crash. Without knowing why, you have a connection with her. A perfect excuse to run into a bunch of enemies along the way! In short, let it be said, the narrative is not the strong point of The Surge. But the fight is much more his thing! As in other Souls-like genres, you need to control your attack and your endurance well, but use a whole lot of electronic gadgets. Above all, as in the first opus, it is possible to target an opponent’s body part. A remedy that will be really very useful depending on the enemies. Basically solid titles that will more than please you.

  • Platform: PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility)

About the new PlayStation Plus:

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is the subscription formula for PS4 and PS5. Through various offers, you can enjoy hundreds of PlayStation titles, a list of retro games ranging from PS1 to PS3 and even streaming playback, depending on your subscription level.

What are the 3 PS Plus offers?

PlayStation Plus consists of three levels: Essential (€ 8.99 / month), Extra (€ 13.99 / month) and Premium (€ 16.99 / month). The first offers the same benefits as the old PS Plus (online games, save in the cloud, games included every month, exclusive discounts via PlayStation Store). The other also benefits from a catalog of about 400 PS4 titles | PS5. And the third adds on top of retro software (PSP, PS1, PS2, PSP), remote reading of a selection of games thanks to streaming and – importantly – demos to test a handful of blockbusters.

Who can benefit from free PlayStation Plus games?

Depending on your subscription, you will not have access to the same games. With PlayStation Plus Essential you are entitled to the PS Plus Collection (PS5 only) and to the titles offered each month. With Extra you have access to a PS4 catalog | PS5 with about 400 apps. And with Premium, you get nearly 340 retro games, streaming of PS3 titles and demos.

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