How about going electric?

With sky-high prices on the pump, it may be time to change your habits when it comes to renting a car for the holidays!

Do you want to rent a car for your summer vacation? First thing: stop hanging around. While tourism professionals are expecting an extraordinary season in France, the situation is tense among car rental companies. The latter are in great demand and have difficulty renewing their fleet, as well as being affected by the difficulties of producing new vehicles.

Unfortunately, logical consequence: this connection pulls up prices. It’s even sky high according to online comparator Carigami. The average price for a rental week for the summer of 2022 is € 494, ie 19% more than in 2021 … and 102% more than in 2019. Another important aspect this year: the cost of fuel flying away.

High demand, higher budget at the pump: the electric can then appear as the alternative solution you had not yet thought of. It may also be the perfect opportunity for you to test this type of engine before buying one.

The rental companies are there of course. First to make their image greener, then now to meet obligations under the Mobility Orientation Act, which imposes quotas for low-emission vehicles (10% renewal per fleet). But it is also to meet customer demand.

It does not have to be more expensive.

Thus, all the major brands will have a selection of connected vehicles. With a thermal offer that covers several model sizes ranging from the small city car to the family SUV. In the party, Sixt wants to be a good student, as it is the one that integrates the most electric vehicles in its fleet. Electrical components accounted for almost a quarter of the vehicles put into service in 2021. There are about twenty vehicles to choose from, covering 80% of the market.

If there is anything, the electric city car this summer seems to be the ideal ally. It is already popular in thermals, suitable for couples or groups of friends who are ready to squeeze in! In electricity, we most often find the new Fiat 500e or Peugeot e-208, with autonomy of about 300 km.

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Does it scare you? Remember, this is a vacation car. And once you’re at your resort, do you drive that many miles? Not really ! So vehicles with a range of about 300 km, it is not bad.

But is it more expensive? Nix! Example of renting from Sixt at Marseille airport in August (from 19 to 26): the electric 208 costs € 96.99 per person. day compared to € 97.59 for the thermal 208. Same thing for the Fiat 500, with a slight benefit to the electric (for € 87.99). There is a clearer advantage with the 500 near Bordeaux airport: € 71.22 for thermal, € 67.47 for electric.

Track free top-ups

Obviously, if you want to discover the region, it is impossible to do a week without seeing a charging station. Fortunately, in tourist areas they are never far away. Rental companies offer charging cards (NewMotion at Europcar, Chargemap at Avis or Sixt), free of charge or for an additional fee, and may have offers. At Hertz, for example, Tesla charging is currently offered.

To lower the bill, you also need to track terminals with free charging time, especially in supermarkets. Shopping is a must on your holiday! Also, if you take the plunge, continue scouting with dedicated tools, such as the Chargemap card. And then, in the worst case, there is always a domestic outlet at your resort!

And for those who want to leave home and have longer distance to travel? Of course, there is what it takes. For example, there are several family models with better autonomy on the menu, such as the Skoda Enyaq at Avis and Sixt. Europcar or Hertz have Hyundai Kona. Some may also find it fun to have a Tesla. Prices are starting to get steep, but in our research we saw a Model 3 at Hertz in July from Paris for € 831, when a Mercedes A-Class was € 1,500! However, beware of the various formulas and unpleasant surprises, with for example the number of kilometers included.

And conversely for very small budgets? As for a new purchase, the Queen appears to be the Dacia Spring. It can be rented from Leclerc. Of course you will not find a Leclerc opposite the station or the airport. But with a little public transportation you can reach one. Example with Leclerc of Bordeaux Talence. From Monday 25 to Saturday 30 July, the week in the spring will be invoiced with 800 km from 185 €!

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