gangs in Tunisia and abroad who are responsible for fraud under diplomas

Fethi Sellaouti: gangs in Tunisia and abroad responsible for fraud during bac exams

The Minister of Education, Fethi Sellaouti, explained that his department expected an increase in attempted fraud during the matriculation exams. ” There are gangs in Tunisia and abroad that are responsible for directing the earpieces used to cheat “, he added.

Invited on June 15, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi on Shem’s FM radio, Fethi Sellaouti claimed that the cheat sets were illegally sent to Tunisia from a neighboring country. He explained that the Ministry of Education had its own anti-fraud networks.

We always try to infiltrate these networks. For several months we have been aware of the existence of a major operation launched by these networks … We have even found glasses, needles, pens and watches equipped with cameras used to communicate the statement of examination to the exterior of the room “, he said.

It should be noted that this statement is confusing, as Fethi Sellaouti publicly confirmed that the ministry had its own security apparatus. This secret body, which we do not know, performs infiltration and dismantling operations of gangs and fraudulent networks.

They are criminals as they undermine the credibility of our diplomas and allow those who do not deserve it to succeed and take the place of other students during university orientation … We had thought about suspending the internet connection during the six days of the matriculation exams . This has been discussed at government level “, he declared.

Fethi Sellaouti said more than 1,000 cases of fraud were recorded during the first five days, which is double the number of cases recorded for the same period last year. He assured that his department had been able to avoid several scams. He said three regions witnessed a high concentration of fraudulent operations. He explained that fraudulent operations have grown significantly due to technological advances. He believed that the only solution lay in the reform of curricula and exams.

The Minister of Education reiterated his apologies to Tunisian doctors following a statement based on erroneous data. The minister said during a televised appearance last week that a doctor had been arrested for implanting an earpiece in the ear of a bachelor. A statement that angered doctors and was rejected by the health minister. Fethi Sellaouti explained that he had been misled.

The Minister also lamented the attitude of the students’ parents who support this kind of practice. He criticized the participation of some of them, who were even ready to incur debt to acquire the kit that was used to defraud despite their fragile financial situation. He believed that parents should instill certain values ​​in their children.

Subsequently, Fethi Sellaouti stressed the importance of reforming the Tunisian school and introducing cultural, sporting and scientific activities to make it an attractive place. He explained that the first steps in the implementation of this reform program had been implemented at primary and secondary school level. He also mentioned the revision of programs and teaching aids. “ We will only keep three books per. primary school level … There is an infrastructure problem. Of the 4,590 primary schools, only 618 have a teachers’ room, only 278 have reading rooms, 1,213 do not have a sanitation unit for the teaching staff. “, he lamented.

Fethi Sellaouti explained that the budget of the Ministry of Education represents 12.8% of the state budget against 15.9% in 2010. He explained that 95% of this framework was dedicated to salaries and salaries. The budget is not enough to carry out maintenance work and the acquisition of equipment. He said estimates indicated an increase of 45,000 students over the next ten years. This requires the construction of 500 rooms per year and 45 establishments. The Minister also believed that the teachers resorted to private tuition due to their fragile financial situation.


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