Electric car: how to take advantage of the ecological bonus maintained at € 6,000?

The ecological bonus paid for the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle will remain at a maximum of € 6,000 until the end of 2022. It was originally set to rise to € 5,000 on 1 July 2022.

“We will maintain the € 6,000 bonus on the purchase of electric cars. It should stop on July 1, 2022, it will be maintained until the end of 2022,” Bruno Le Maire told CNews on Wednesday, June 29. Good news for the French, who are planning to acquire an electric or hybrid car in the coming months, we will explain to you what this aid is and how it works.

What is the organic bonus?

The ecological bonus is a premium that allows you to receive money when you buy a low-polluting vehicle. It will promote the sale of new vehicles with low greenhouse gas emissions, which heat the atmosphere.

This bonus is also found when buying heavy freight vehicles and buses or low-polluting road tourist trains.

From € 6,000 to € 50,000

The size of this ecological bonus is calculated on a case – by – case basis, in particular with regard to the characteristics of the car purchased (price, consumption, etc.) and of the applicant – physically or morally -. Its ceiling is currently € 6,000 for a new electric car that costs less than € 45,000 but had risen to € 7,000 the day after the first confinement in March 2020. It was to be lowered to € 5,000 on 1 July next, but in the end nothing will happen, as announced by Bruno Le Maire.

However, this organic bonus can go up to € 7,000 in the case of purchasing a van. For a truck or a bus, this premium goes up to € 50,000.

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What are the conditions required to benefit from this bonus?

The Ministry of Economic Affairs states that this financial support can be “granted to any buyer of a vehicle with a CO2 emission of less than or equal to 20 g / km”. Only electric, hydrogen or plug-in hybrid cars meet this criterion.

The vehicle must still meet other criteria to claim this bonus, according to service-public.fr: either purchased or leased under a contract for a period of 2 years or more, be a new vehicle that has never been registered either in France or abroad, be registered in France in a final series and not sold in the year after the purchase or lease or before they have traveled 6000 km.

This bonus can be combined with the conversion bonus, which can be paid out depending on the income of people who buy a new vehicle in return for scrapping their old car.

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Why is the government extending the bonus to € 6,000?

“We have a great ambition, which is to accelerate the transition from internal combustion vehicles to electric cars. We have to accompany our compatriots (because many of them can definitely not afford an electric vehicle, ”Bruno Le Maire explained to justify after July 1 the maintenance of the € 6,000 ecological bonus ceiling.

This announcement also comes just hours after the 27 EU member states on Wednesday approved the commission’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe to zero by 2035. de facto sale of internal combustion engines in favor of 100% electric vehicles.

Despite the extension of this bonus, electric cars are far from available to all French people. While some brands offer rare models whose prices are around € 20,000, most vehicles currently on the market cost at least € 30,000 – or € 24,000 with a “full” organic bonus.

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