Seven long-term video games to take time for this summer


If some people use the holiday to put large books in the suitcase to eat under the parasol, the summer holiday is also an opportunity to free up time to immerse themselves in long and dense video games. Pixels service team at World has made a list by drawing among his favorites from the last twelve months.

A group trip: “Triangle strategy”

What could be better than an epic mission to enjoy your vacation? Triangular strategy is the worthy heir of the series Final Fantasy Tactics, with its turn-based combat and (relatively) simple progression trees. Heir to a small kingdom, which has the misfortune of being on the brink of all the continent’s geostrategic challenges, you are now confronted with war … And with all the appalling choices it imposes.

You will not only have to fight, but also know how to convince your fellow travelers whose votes weigh as much as yours in the votes that determine each key choice in the story. Players who are in a hurry will find it slow and talkative; fans of complex stories and well-considered strategic choices will find what they are looking for in about forty hours.

Available for 49 euros on Nintendo Switch.

The flagship destination in 2022: “Elden Ring”

We’ve already had many opportunities to say it: By returning the cinematic codes to the oblivion of video game history, the FromSoftware studio deeply marked the 2010 video games. No more games being played softly with one hand, the other in a bucket of popcorn, or worse, on his cell phone. At FromSoftware, the player regains control and responsibility, forced to learn to master his weapon, his environment, his enemies if he wants to hope to develop.

The result is games that are as cool as they are difficult – sometimes too much, according to some. The latest addition to the studio, Elden Ringis just as demanding, but it deals in linear adventures of Dark souls Where sekiro towards an open world, gigantic, full of surprises to be explored at your own pace, even if it means rejecting the most complicated challenges. Still just as exciting, but more accessible than the average FromSoftware production, Elden Ring will keep you spellbound for a hundred hours.

Available for 70 euros on PC, Playstation and Xbox.

Meet amazing tribes: “Total War: Warhammer 3”

With its magicians, knights, ogres, and other disgusting creatures, this video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s board games does not lack imagination. Do not take it lightly, but it is very strategic. Leading a giant army and conquering new territories cannot be improvised in this last part of the trilogy Warhammerfrom the studio Creative Assembly, known for the demanding honesty Total war.

However, this game remains accommodating for beginners thanks to a prologue that recalls the basic point by point. Despite aging graphics (apart from a few movies), the campaigns, which mix real-time combat and turn-based territory management, are breathtaking. The features of each of the eight fractions make it possible to multiply the approaches and guarantee strong replayability.

Available for 60 euros on PC, Linux and Mac. Free with PC Game Pass subscription.

A Great Summer Reading: “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles”

If the very slow rhythm of visual novels (or animated novels) can expose the atmosphere of the late 19th centurye century, the polished soundtrack and the theatrical animations combine brilliantly here. Thus, the most famous of the avocado sagas returns in an unpublished opus that combines two volumes available only in Japan so far. With this genuine interactive book to flip through on your couch, you will be amazed, despite the long dialogues and a scenario that is sometimes quite thin, not to see time go by.

The game takes you on ten magnifying glass studies, where you have to pay attention to the smallest details in order to reveal the culprits and bring the truth to light. All in English, opus remains accessible to most beginners, especially as the difficulty level is moderate and very academic tutorials follow you from the start.

Available for 40 euros on Switch.

To enjoy sumptuous landscapes: “Horizon Forbidden West”

Do you dream of open spaces? Travel to a futuristic American vest with Horizon forbidden west. From the valleys of southern Utah to the Pacific coast of California, passing through the mountains of Yellowstone or the desert of Nevada, this open-world game immerses us in impressive surroundings inspired by true landscapes re-enacted in the post-apocalyptic state. The sequel combined with its epic story and fearsome battles with robotsHorizon Zero Dawn fulfills all its promises.

Those who were not seduced by the first opus will direct the same criticism at this one: slow start-up, dialogue tunnels and intrusive assistance to the player. However, we have greatly exceeded the thirty hours required to complete the main story, discover its universe, and complete its quests, without forbidding ourselves to go on the hunt for surprising views to capture them with the state of photography.

Available for 70 euros on Playstation 4 and 80 euros on PlayStation 5.

For those who still have a Clever Bison card: “Crusader Kings III”

Not everyone (it’s a mistake) is sensitive to the charm of a slightly dusty card table, which would open up many menus rich in numbers and multiple-choice questions. Quite unsexy in absolute terms (and the recent expansion, which adds the ability to decorate a three-dimensional palace to your liking, does not change much), this device is nonetheless one of the most formidable medieval history simulators: Crusader Kings IIIthe game that offers us to take the reins of any European, Asian or African dynasty and lead it for six centuries and hundreds of hours.

Far from being a simple illuminated Excel spreadsheet, the title of the Paradox Interactive studio is actually a kind of “strategy game where you are the hero”, an interactive equivalent to Iron Throne which would be written before our eyes, and in which we could at any time pick up the pen.

Available for 40 euros on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, Mac, PC and Linux.

For those who prefer nightlife: “V Rising”

The most exciting video games are not necessarily the most Homeric or the most moving. There are experiences where enjoyment is reaped in a homeopathic way by performing seemingly tiny actions that add up. V Rising thus asks to help a weak vampire survive in a hostile world. Gather resources, build your castle to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, find the blood of new victims and fight monsters …

The slow discovery of this universe full of magic allows us to strengthen the powers of our characters and then explore new realms. The addictive and time-consuming nature of resource management is thus offset by the adrenaline of the battle. This surprise success from the beginning of the year, currently in early access, is also an excellent social experience: it’s much better when you meet friends.

Available in early access for 20 euros on PC.

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