Rennes: how I drove 4 km with the wallet on the roof of my car before I lost it

The purse was located on the roof of the car, above the right rear door. (© Hugo Murtas / News Rennes)

Losing his wallet before the summer, the worst that can happen! Edit your identity card, driver’s license, vital card … in short, for hell.

Tuesday, June 28, I leave the mall Beautiful Asia, located on rue de la Donelière, in Rennes. A little pressed for time, said this portfolio falls out of my pocket while I carry my two shopping bags. I pick it up and put it on the roof of the car, time to put my purchases away.

You see things happen … And yes … I took the road again and forgot my purse on the roof. Of course, I only became aware of this when I got home, that is, 20 minutes later. Before you tell me the rest, know that I found my purse 2 hours later. And that was unlikely.


When I first got home, it did not take me long to realize my stupidity. I had my phone, my keys, my backpack … Absolutely everything except my black leather purse. Immediately, a heartbreaking image comes to mind : that of my wallet placed on the body of my car.

Between anger and worry, I decide to return by returning to the mall. Hopefully it is still in the parking lot, or better yet, someone has seen it and handed it over.


On the way, I call the front desk at the store. “Hey, yeah, hey sir, I was in your store earlier, you did not find a purse?”. It answers the person on the phone, a man who introduces himself as an instructor Nix.

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When I get there, I walk on the sidewalks around the store and carefully scan the bushes along the parking lot in hopes of finding this piece of black leather. Still no trace. I have to decide. After a round trip and 40 minutes went by: I tell myself I will never find him again.

… An unexpected call!

Disappointed and still angry at myself, I decide to return home. I fasten my seat belt, the engine starts when my phone starts ringing. This is my neighbor.

Hi Hugo, a gentleman called. He has your wallet. He slipped it into your mailbox.

My neighbor

WOW! Intense relief, then a lot of questions arise: where did he find it? are there still my papers and my credit card? how did he find my address?

“I asked him to leave his contact,” my neighbor adds. Neither one nor two do I go home to check that everything is in before I call this formidable stranger. Good news: absolutely nothing is missing. Press cards, bank cards, vital cards … EVERYTHING IS HERE! But the story does not end there.

“I found him in the middle of the Boulevard de la Liberté”

At the other end of the line, the man answered all my questions with a grinning tone. And it’s pretty crazy. “I found your purse in the middle of the Boulevard de la Liberté,” he says. It is almost 4 kilometers longer than the mall.

Everything is explained … I am beginning to understand that my purse was left on the roof of my car for three quarters of my journey, that is, a good 15 minutes.

Despite bendsthem red lightsthem roundaboutsthem braking… This bloody piece of leather first slipped off the roof after 4 kilometers, without me of course noticing it! Hard beast.

An unexpected ending

And it is after the fall that Christian, my capless hero, enters. “I was on my bike. You moved away and he fell on the sidewalk. I did not really understand what it was in the beginning. I picked it up immediately and moved to the side to let the queue of cars pass, ”says the man.

“I found your address thanks to your press card. I’m not working far away, so I handed it over to you,” the man continues, adding: “you know, I want us to do the same if one day happens to me ”.

In just 1h30 I would have passed of all the emotions : anger, worry, disappointment and joy. And by telling you my story, I realize how lucky I was. My dear Christian, I think I owe you a drink!

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