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Although management schools have long focused on the international market, NEOMA Business School has always been at the forefront of this field. Cosmopolitan promotions, a high proportion of foreign teachers, courses all in English, there are many opportunities to rub shoulders with diversity within this business. “Regardless of their careers, most of our students will face the international in the years to come.explains Sarah Cooper, Director of Relations and International Development at NEOMA Business School. Whether they are moving abroad, carrying out international projects or working on a daily basis with partners from other countries, intercultural competence will be crucial. By encouraging them to confront the world, we help our students become adaptable, open, and creative leaders and leaders. »

35% of young NEOMA graduates start abroad

At NEOMA, the international is present at every step of the training. It is not for nothing that 35% of graduates start their careers outside France every year …

Sarah Cooper – herself a French-British – explains: “Joining our campuses means getting used to the international scene from the start. With almost 30% of students and 70% of teachers coming from abroad, our young newcomers are confronted with diversity from the start, whether they are in class or in the cafeteria on campus. ” Thanks to this special cosmopolitan teaching staff, NEOMA can also offer its entire Grande Ecole program in English from the 1st.D year. “Having an educational body from many countries finally makes it possible to diversify views. A French teacher and a South American teacher will not have the same view on certain issues. It is important that students can see this for themselves. »

Five major international programs, 390 academic partners

Thanks to 390 partners in nearly 60 countries and five major international courses, a student in the NEOMA Grande Ecole program will be able to go abroad for up to three full years during their studies.. “Thanks to Global 2, Global double degree or Global internship, our students will be able to combine two academic years and one year of internship abroad.continues the Director of International Relations and Development. And, for example, complete their schooling in a double degree, by obtaining our master’s degree, but also that from a prestigious institution around the world. We have about fifteen partnerships of this type. » Students can thus balance their international exposure according to the chosen course. Finally, NEOMA, from France, offers a specialization among 16 MSc in the last year. Courses in English again give you the opportunity to achieve a strong international profile.

New products in preparation

New specializations, new destinations, the school does not forget every year to further diversify the opening. Triple accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, NEOMA is also a partner in demand by major foreign universities. Therefore, if the geopolitical context – Ukrainian conflict, closure of China due to Covid … – sometimes tends to complicate the work of international leadership, its network remains in constant development. “We have recently created new opportunities with the Catholic University of Porto and the University of Limerick in Ireland, remembers Sarah Cooper. And we should soon sign new dual education agreements with Northern Europe and Latin America. »


Romain Thouvenot, 1D years of PGE for NEOMA, in academic exchange with Florida University (USA)One of the reasons I chose NEOMA was the possibility that the school offered to go abroad very early. I wanted to learn, I really wanted to travel … In January 2022, almost a few months after my arrival, I therefore traveled to an academic exchange with the University of Florida in Tallahassee, where I chose to study management, economics and data analysis, without to forget to visit the region. I have only fond memories of this stay, and the impression of a very complete personal experience. Next year I was going to go back to semester 4 in Hong Kong for my 2e university exchange, as part of the “Global 2” course. I would also very much like to apply for a dual education abroad in the last year. If I manage to get at least one internship abroad in the interim, I will have spent almost three years abroad throughout the course. »

The double degrees of the Global Double Degree course







Master at the Universidad de Las Americas, Puebla



Czech Republic:

Master of Management at Prague University of Economics and Business

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