I rediscovered the movie Lilo and Stitch and the different themes it deals with

In 2002, I was 10 years old, and that’s the age when I discovered the movie Lilo and Stitch. But today with an adult perspective, I have another reading of this Disney that deserves more light.

Although I had not seen lilo and stitch For years, I have been very attached to this film for various reasons. Having grown up alone with my mother, and to be on the hunt for representations of cultures other than Western as a mixed race in a southwestern village, this film was a breath of fresh air. So as my twentieth birthday approached, I pampered myself with a little treat and so on this masterpiece from the Disney studios.

For those who have not had the opportunity to see it, here is a brief summary without spoiler. In a galaxy other than ours, a mad scientist named Jumba is developing a genetic experiment soberly called 6.2.6. A specimen of a new kind “shockproof, fireproof, thinks faster than a supercomputer, can see in the dark and lift objects 3000 times heavier than itself.” It was created with an instinct for destruction ”.

Sentenced to exile on an asteroid, experiment 6.2.6 manages to escape and land on planet Earth and more precisely on the island of Hawaii. Once there, 6.2.6 pretends to be a dog, and is adopted by Lilo and Nani, two sisters who have just lost their parents tragic. Lilo, a very imaginative little girl, then renames him Stitch!

Where things get tricky is that the council responsible for his exile leaves one of their members, as well as the diabolical genius responsible for his creation, to take him back to their galaxy. Of course, Stitch is not easily caught … With Lilo and Nani he will even begin to develop feelings and emotions. On their side the two sistersstruggling to stay together as a family, against the advice of social authorities.

The family as the film’s central theme

As you may have understood, this film raises many questions that still resonate twenty years later. The most important thing is still the concept of family. Moreover, the sisters’ motto, instilled by their father, and which is still one of the most famous quotes from the film:

“Ohana means family. Family means no one must be left or forgotten.”

lilo and stitch

It is one of the first Disney movies to depict a family without parents, and formed by two sisters who are to relearn to live without their deceased parents in a car accident, all in present-day Hawaii.

For the first time, it is not about an orphan in a medieval universe who is forced to do household chores or fall in love with a prince. But rather by Nani who should put his life aside to get a food job that will allow him to raise his sister younger Lilo, who feels extremely alone since the death of her parents.

Because what Lilo and Stitch also travel is grief over loved ones, how to continue living after their departure, without reference. For Lilo, who is still very young, it is about building herself up without anyone to teach her certain social codes, but also to reassure her.

Although it has already integrated the concept of good and evil, the loneliness of his family home weighs on him … His classmates do nothing to fix things. They seem to show complete lack of empathy towards Lilo and constantly reject her when she tries to take a step towards them.

“It’s me again, I need a friend, someone who will never leave me. I do not know, send me an angel … The most beautiful angel in the world. »

Lilo prays a prayer in front of what she thinks is a shooting star


Learn to accept others

It is in this rather dramatic climate that Stitch arrives in the girls’ lives, to escape his prison guards. Lilo sees in him an opportunity to no longer be alone, but quickly realizes that Stitch is not doing his … Under the threat from her educator of not being able to keep her pet, she decides to make a model citizen of it, just like her idol Elvis Presley.

Which brings up another theme: the rejection of others. Like Lilo, Stitch seeks to blend into the landscape to be accepted by the world around him.. Despite their efforts, their good will and their question marks, they do not succeed. Moreover, the others do not miss a single opportunity to remind them that they are strange, different or ugly. In short, they do not fit into the boxes that a “well-meaning” society defines.

“No matter how hard we put our minds to it, sometimes things do not go the way we want. Because sometimes things have to change … And sometimes it’s even better …”

Nani tries to comfort Lilo

In contact with Lilo, Stitch will become aware of the concept of family and that it does not only consist of people of the same blood. It can be made up of beings who love us and accept us with our qualities and our faults.. Being harmful to one person does not mean that you want to be harmful to everyone. Lilo was also attracted to Stitch’s differences and brought out the best in him.

“It’s my family, I found it on my own without anyone’s help. She’s small and broken, but she’s fine with me.



Lilo and Stitch was the first of its kind for Disney

In addition, this film especially highlights many other themes ethnocentrism which I would like to say a few words about. From the first pictures of the film, it is easy to see that one of Lilo’s passions is that take pictures of stereotypical tourists.

Mostly white people who get burned on the beach until they are sunburned, who taste processed foods without reason and possess a western lifestyle. As a little girl, this hobby obviously just seemed strange to me, today it seems very interesting to me. For once it is the locals who usually take pictures who take the pictures.

It is a critique of tourists who go to the other side of the globe without knowing how to take advantage of the cultural diversity that their destination has to offer. IN lilo and stitch they are often ridiculed, which adds situation comedy to the whole.

So you will have understood it, if you have not seen it yet, then hurry to log in to your Disney + account. This movie is twenty years old this year and still makes me laugh and cry even today. These characters are all endearing as they are and you can easily identify with them. As for Stitch, in record time he has become an important and valued permanent figure in the Disney galaxy.

If you love the universe of lilo and stitchbe aware that there is also sew the film, lilo and nail 2 and two series: Lilo and Stitch seriesand Leroy and Stitch.

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