The Surfshark subscription is evolving and integrating a free antivirus with the two-year subscription

For the summer sale, Surfshark offers you an offer that you must not miss on its services. In addition to a nice discount on the price of its subscription, which goes to 2.09 euros per month, you enjoy the free services of Surfshark One, a complete and effective protection ecosystem.

In the highly competitive world of VPN providers, Surfshark is currently considered one of the best there is. In addition to offering high-end performance and a constantly evolving infrastructure, it stands out above all for one of the most affordable pricing policies on the market.

Currently, for example, Surfshark invites you to discover its 24-month subscription for just 2.09 euros a month, with an additional two-month subscription offered for the apartment. Good news never comes alone, you can also take advantage of the services of Surfshark One at no extra cost, which includes an antivirus as well as the search and alert features.


What are the strengths of Surfshark?

Surfshark differs from the competition in many respects, and the most important is undoubtedly the emphasis placed on the protection of the privacy of its users as well as the protection of their personal data. Surfshark practices a strict policy on non-logging of data (non-storage of navigation data, IP, history, etc.), which is based on two pillars:

  • its location in the British Virgin Islands, a country that does not require the retention of such data;
  • the use of 100% RAM servers, which in principle can not store data in the long run.

The reliability of this approach is also guaranteed by regular audits conducted by the independent company Cure35, which Surfshark has so far passed without giving way.

Further proof that the security of your data and your privacy is at the core of its approach, Surfshark offers extended protection to your entire household. A single subscription allows you to connect (and therefore protect) an unlimited number of devices to Surfshark services. All you have to do is install the dedicated application on your devices (phone, PC or tablet, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android) and you are done.

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But Surfshark is also an efficient and constantly evolving infrastructure. Far from resting on its laurels, the VPN provider regularly updates its service offering to stay at the best level and offer the best possible service. For example, it is currently implementing a policy of replacing its servers to offer the best possible speeds.

Thanks to its internal protocols and features, such as No Border, Surfshark, for example, is positioned as one of the best VPNs to bypass geoblocations and allows you to easily access content from around the world. It also regularly offers new services, such as a browser extension that allows you to block pop-ups regarding cookies to simplify your daily internet browsing.

Finally, please note that in order to offer you the best possible experience, Surfshark offers responsive customer service that can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat.

A complete protection ecosystem with Surfshark One

Thanks to the Surfshark 24 month subscription, you can now take advantage of all the benefits of the Surfshark One solution without spending an extra penny. In addition to VPN, Surfhsark One offers three additional services:

  • Surfshark search, a search engine that gets rid of all advertising results, which therefore allows you to get organic answers to your queries. Surfshark Search also lets you switch between regions on the globe to get relevant results based on your chosen geographic location;
  • Surfshark Alerta personal monitoring system that allows you to receive alerts in the event that your personal information, email, credit card number or password is leaked on the dark web;
  • Surfshark Antivirus, a simple and effective solution to protect yourself from online threats. Thanks to a dedicated application, you can adjust your protection settings in a few moments and take advantage of, among other things, detection and removal of malware, real-time protection of your device and many other functions to ensure the security of your machine. In particular, this antivirus detected 99.85% of malware during its testing on Virus Bulletin.

Surfshark 24 months membership in an instant

By subscribing to Surfshark’s services for 24 months, you get access to one of the most powerful VPNs on the market. During the duration of your subscription, you will be able to take advantage of the expertise and features specific to Surfshark without limitation, namely:

  • more than 3,200 servers spread across 65 countries;
  • a very efficient circumvention of geoblocations;
  • the ability to use Surfshark’s services on all your devices without limitation;
  • AES 256 data encryption;
  • a strict policy of not logging personal data;
  • access to Surfshark One services, including a free antivirus certified by Virus Bulletin.

During the summer sale, Surfshark invites you to discover its 24-month subscription at a reduced price. By choosing this long-term formula, you pay only 2.09 euros per month, or 54.34 euros in total, which represents a saving of almost 82% of the usual price. To accompany this reduction, Surfshark also offers you an additional two-month subscription, which allows you to take advantage of their services for a total of 26 months.

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Last but not least, Surfshark offers a 30 day full refund policy. Enough to give you plenty of time to measure the quality of the service offered.

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