The best from television according to Mélanie Maynard

I’ve never consumed TV, […] but I do a lot!

Melanie Maynard

We asked TV personalities to tell us about their TV tastes and memories of the small screen. What does their television universe, all eras and all countries bring together?

You said in the podcast Without filter that you watch a little television while doing a lot. Paradox? How do you explain that and has it always been that way?

In fact, I think I might have seen too much when I was young. At home, the TV was the ninth child in the house. She had everyone’s attention. And at meals one had to hurry to eat if one would hope to be able to see her on the couch! When I was the youngest, I often bent down and looked at her on the ground. But since I have been more on the radio and the kids have grown up, I have been happy to go back to it and I have my own couch!

At home, the TV was the ninth child in the house.

Melanie Maynard

What a character in the series In a galaxy near you makes you laugh the most?

It’s obviously Brad. Already that humor was ubiquitous in the show, the cowardly Brad’s remarks and Stéphane Crête’s acting always made me laugh. And let’s say he did not hesitate to add a few layers to destabilize us.

Movies “In a galaxy near you 2” Photo: TVA Films

Your first TV crush (character, performer, host, etc.) and why?

Marc-André Coallier ind 100 watt club. I found him very sweet and light.

Complete the sentence: reality TV is …

… Too addictive. I do not know why, but I get into absolutely all reality shows. Human nature fascinates me, so it fascinates me to see it at work in different contexts. I listen to them a lot; I especially liked the last season of chiefs!.

Which program do you regret not seeing in the air anymore?

speak to speak. I loved the scenarios and topics that we heard about nowhere. Some were a bit taboo; I was in my early teens, it gave me the opportunity to learn about people and their mistakes.

What are you tired of on TV?

The demons of dinner. Unpretentious shows during the day. I was too young to see what was going on there, but my parents always listened to it and I think it made them happy.

Gilles Latulippe made Suzanne Lapointe laugh so much, it probably influenced my desire to make people laugh; I wanted to make Suzanne as happy as possible.

Melanie Maynard
Suzanne Lapointe og Gilles Latulippe foran et rødt gardin i <i>The Demons of the Midi</i> in 1987.” title=”Suzanne Lapointe and Gilles Latulippe in front of a red curtain in <i>The Demons of the Midi</i> in 1987.”/><figcaption>Suzanne Lapointe and Gilles Latulippe enter <i>The demons of dinner</i> in 1987. Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Pierre Karsenty    </figcaption></figure>
<p><strong>What is your earliest memory as a viewer?</strong> <strong/></p>
<p><em>Mondays in Ha!  Ha!</em>, by Ding and Dong.  My older brothers listened to this every week.  I went to primary school and got up to listen to it in secret.  My teacher always found me strangely surrounded Tuesday morning.</p>
<figure class= The famous duo Ding (Serge Thériault) and Dong (Claude Meunier) in 1983.
The famous duo Ding (Serge Thériault) and Dong (Claude Meunier) in 1983. Photo: Radio-Canada / Radio-Canada / Jean-Pierre Karsenty

What show do you dream of doing with your daughter Rosalie?

A comedy sketch show that would exaggerate features of our relationship. I think we are two very different beautiful bugs, but rich in content.

The two women stand side by side.
Rosalie Bonenfant and Mélanie Maynard Photo: Production is still young / Pascal Roberge

Which series did you swallow to the point that you postponed some of your commitments?

My latest crush is Raspberry time. I loved this series; we finally give substance to the characters of foreign workers, we hear different accents. It feels good. In addition, it is super well written and the instruction by Philippe Falardeau is breathtaking.

I think I have a weakness for series that smell of hay!

Melanie Maynard
A woman looks up at the sky.
Actress Sandrine Bisson in “The time of raspberries” Photo: Lou Scamble

Which TV star are you a fan of?

Sandrine Bisson, who plays in Raspberry time, is a good example. I do not understand why we saw her so little afterwards nineteen enogfirs; it was time.

Which series or soap opera have you seen several times?

Emissions from Rock and beautiful ears at TQS. I saw them and memorized their sketches.

What kind of TV series turns you on?

I am quite diverse in my choices. On the other hand, detective and fantasy series mean very little to me.

Do you play game programs in your living room?

When I was young, especially. We liked trying to find the unlikely consequences in Action reaction with Pierre Lalonde.

Do you like documentaries a little, very, passionately? Why?

I really like documentary series. Fortunately, I find that they are becoming more and more widespread. It is a wonderful way to be told about a lived reality from within. I like learning by watching TV and I love real life experiences.

Is there a show you worship?

For me, This is us will always be a great series. The scriptures, the artists … I was really sad when it ended. I used 3-4 tissues per. show… often beautiful tears.

Seven adults and two children are sitting outside on a low concrete wall.  They all wear colorful hats.
The extended Pearson family. Photo: 2016 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. All rights reserved

What program did you see as a family (with your parents or your children)?

Not bad all the soap operas of the time, but my parents obviously had a preference for Small house on the prairie, human land, time for peace and Arven, by Victor-Lévy Beaulieu. It seems like my parents also liked the series that smelled of barn and hay!

How do you watch TV: live, on demand, on a mobile device?

Always on request. I do not like watching TV on a small mobile device. To me, television is really connected to a living room and a sofa.

Many thanks Melanie Maynard! And we’ll keep an eye on your arrival at the show TV children at the start of the school year (yé!).

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