The 10 best LEGO sets for pop culture fans

LEGO Con is over and fans got an exciting look at all the latest sets that the company will release. But for pop culture enthusiasts, there are already plenty of products on the market that they just need to add to their collection (of course depending on what they are a fan of).

From amazing dioramas to breathtaking character shows and amazing places made entirely of bricks, these LEGO sets would be a perfect gift for a pop culture nerd, or they could be great personal fun. Each set is beautifully detailed and really captures the mood of the show or movie.

BrickHeadz is a relatively new LEGO product, but they have already really stood out among the herd. With brands such as The Simpsons, The Mandalorianand Strange things, BrickHeadz are fun characters that buyers can actually build themselves. This is the LEGO world’s Pop Funkos.

It’s easy to imagine how fast a collection of these adorable builds could grow. There is usually a prop or other type of character specific detail included in the set, to really bring the whole scene to life. The costumes are still true to what is seen on the screen and there are definitely some visual quirks about it.

Millennium Falcon

There are so many glimpses Star wars sets that capture iconic moments from the movies. While the series of dioramas that have been released recently is a fantastic new line for fans to explore, there is one ship in the galaxy far, far away that the public simply needs to grab.

The Millennium Falcon is not just a junk, and LEGO has conquered Han Solo’s prized possession in all its glory. It is a complex construction and may take some time, but the end result is phenomenal. It is as effective as the design and captures all the angles and small intricacies that fans are so familiar with.

Hogwarts Slot

That Harry Potter The brand has had a partnership with LEGO for years. The current line includes many Hogwarts-based sets that can be combined to create a larger castle. But that’s not the only way to put together a classic wizard placement.

There is also a smaller but more complete iteration of Hogwarts Castle that includes all the hidden Easter eggs that audiences have been hoping for. It’s a well thought out set that makes it a little more accessible at once, instead of clumping several sets together, and it’s possibly the best iteration of the castle yet.

Batman classic TV series Batmobile

DC has also been a cornerstone of LEGO, and there are a few different vehicles and locations that fans have always wanted to see customized, whether it’s on screen or from the comics. The Batmobile is the holy grail of them all, and the classic 1966 iteration is perhaps the most iconic.

LEGO impressed fans by creating the retro Batman ride, complete with minifigures that reflect the costumes from the silly early iterations on TV. It is a design that can proudly be displayed in any office and reflects the inspired color combination and curved lines that made the car so famous.

T. Rex Escape

That jura world brought the franchise back to prominence, but the saga no doubt never reached beyond the very first version of Jurassic Park (which is a cinematic spectacle on another level). LEGO’s series of dioramas managed to capture a specific moment from this film.

The T. Rex Breakout includes the sequence that sees the park’s classic vehicles overturn and escape with certainty thanks to Alan Grant’s quick thinking. It’s a moment in film history presented in a single scene, and it’s a great sight for any pop culture lover.

daily bugle

There are a number of familiar locations in the Marvel universe that fans would love to see adapted to LEGO shape, but is there any other area that better represents Spider-Man than the offices of the Daily Bugle? So many adventures, both as webhead and Peter Parker, have taken place here.

It’s definitely one of the biggest sets in LEGO, and there are so many floors to play with. The range of minifigures included in the product is also sensational, drawing on Spider-Man’s rich array of scoundrels and allies from the comics and canvas. It is a graphic novel sequence that is brought to life.

Super Mario 64 question mark block

Nintendo and LEGO have formed a partnership that includes a complete line of Mario products, many of which are actually interactive. The line continues to expand, even with the latest series of individual characters that can be connected to the various Mario sets.

Super Mario 64’s question mark block looks like a return and is a miniaturized repetition of the levels fans remember so well. Electronics are also involved in this set, which is an added bonus, and it’s cool to see how the set folds into one amazing piece of engineering.

hammer of thor

The god of thunder is constantly associated with his hammer Mjolnir, so it’s no surprise that LEGO has created its own iteration of the enchanted weapon. It is a massive building that looks and feels like the real thing, despite being made entirely of brick. The set even opens to reveal some secrets inside.

Thor’s Hammer is another perfect piece to show, and Marvel fans have probably tried to get their hands on this set right away. There are also a few other similar LEGO designs, including the Infinity Gauntlet and Nano Gauntlet, which finish the line nicely.

Nintendo entertainment system

Of all the best-selling consoles on Nintendo’s timeline, NES still has some of the best memories among gamers. That’s why the combination of the Nintendo Entertainment System and LO-TECH TV is such an ingenious idea from LEGO, to allow gamers to build.

Taking advantage of all the elements of the console, including the controls, the TV screen itself is complete with a Mario scene that beautifully captures the game in so many details. It’s a fun piece to buy, and although it’s a longer construction, the end result is definitely worth it as a key moment in the game’s history.

Disney Slot

Disney has continued its entry into the LEGO world, but Disney Parks may be the area fans want to see more of. The line has now started with Disney’s incredible slot, which can still be seen at the start of a feature film production from the studio.

The castle has all the elements fans have come to expect, from small flowers to the dial and even a Mickey Mouse figure. It’s a set that adults and children can build and enjoy together, and hopefully it’s just the start of a larger line with Main Street USA or other park locations.

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